Top 5 Best Pop-Up Toasters Under ₹1000 in India 2018

Table of Contents

1) Nova BT 305

> Defrost Option
> Reheat Option
> Crumb Tray
> Cool Touch Body
> Temperature Control
> Cancel Button

From the Manufacturer:

Functions : Heat up your bread with this pop-up toaster to make delicious sandwiches. You can also reheat toast or defrost chilled bread. The automatic pop-up option makes it convenient for you to remove toast.
Crumb Tray : The crumb tray collects all the crumbs that fall off your bread. So, you can keep your kitchen neat.
Cool Touch : This pop-up toaster’s body is cool to the touch, right after you’ve toasted bread even.
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2) Nova NBT-2306

> Cool Touch Body
> 800 Watts Power
> Adjustable Thermostat
> 2 Slice Pop Up

From the Manufacturer:

Design : Even if you eagerly place your hands on the outside of this toaster when it’s in action, your fingers won’t sustain burns thanks to the Cool Touch feature. The two slots of this toaster are wide, so you can easily slide thick slices of bread in. Since this toaster is compact, it won’t add to clutter on your kitchen counter.
Removable Crumb Tray : The removable crumb tray of this toaster makes it easy to clean and maintain.
Functions : You can toast bread to the level of brown you want it to attain and you can reheat it too.
Power : This toaster requires of a power input of 220 to 240 volts and it comes 800 watts of power.
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3) Pigeon Pop-Up

> Pop Up Toaster
> 2 Slices
> 6 Level Browning Control
> Shock Proof

From the Manufacturer:

Automatic pop up toaster : While you busy yourself with getting ready for work, the toasts will take care of themselves.

Browning control : This toaster is equipped with 6 levels of browning control to help you get perfectly browned toasts according to your preferences.

Stylish appliance : Your kitchen is sure to look smart and stylish when this brightly coloured and modish pop up toaster is placed on the counter.
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4) Pigeon Egnite-PT-01

> 750w Toaster
> 2 Slice Toaster
> Automatic Popping
> Browning Control

From the Manufacturer:

This pop up toaster has a sturdy shock proof and heat resistant body. The Egnite toaster automatically pops up the bread slicess. It has 6 level of browning control. It consumes a power of 750W and has 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. The Pigeon Egnite toaster has power on and off indicators and non stick coated plates which are easy to clean. Consumes 750W power. Requires a power input of 220-240V, 50-60Hz AC. The product has 1 year manufacturer warranty.
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5) Nova NBT 2308

> Defrost Option
> Removable Crumb Tray
> 2 Slice Pop up Toster
> Variable Browning
> 750w Power
> Reheat Option

From the Manufacturer:

Design : This pop-up toaster has two slots so you can simultaneously toast up to two slices of bread. With the variable browning knob, you can adjust the level of heat of the toaster and enjoy your toast the way you want. This appliance also comes with the option to reheat or defrost a toast and also to cancel toasting midway.

Features : The appliance has an auto pop-up feature that pops out bread once it has been browned or toasted. The high lift function allows easy extraction of even small-sized toast. The bread slice centering and wide slots for thick bread make it easy to use this toaster. You can get rid of residual crumbs as it has a removable crumb tray.

Safety and Convenience : This appliance features a cool-to-touch body which ensures the outside of your toaster doesn’t get hot while operating so you don’t burn your fingers accidentally. This toaster has a cord length of one meter and a cord storage facility. For your safety, this toaster has an auto-shut off feature.

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