10 Best Air Purifier in India, Delhi (2024) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

While we cannot control the pollution and impurities of the outer environment, it is our responsibility to keep the indoors dust-free and avoid long-term health complications that can result by breathing in impure air. To keep the air clean and free from dust mites, harmful allergens and other such impurities, use an air purifier. Other … Read more

10 Best Room Heaters in India 2024

As the name gives away, room heaters are used to heat a room or a small space with the help of gas or electricity. They are mostly used during winters and are indispensable in places with a generally cold climate. Although the modern room heaters are mostly portable, these convenient appliances are either fitted to … Read more

10 Best Mattress in India 2024

A non-interruptive good night’s sleep is important to all, and one of the most important factors that impact it is the type of mattress you use. Especially if you suffer from back pain and other such problems, a healthy spine alignment is mandatory while sleeping, which is only possible with a premium-quality mattress. To start … Read more

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under ₹2000 in India 2020

These are the top 5 best mixer grinders under ₹2000 in India 2020: 1) Bajaj Rex 500W 1. Its motor power is 500 watts. 2. It comes with 3 stainless steel jars for liquidizing, wet/dry grinding and chutney making. 3. It has 3-speed control and incher for smooth operation. 4. It has multifunction blades for easy … Read more