Top 10 Best Gym Gloves in India 2024

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Gym gloves are one of the main accessories that each fitness enthusiast should have whether you’resimply a beginner or a fully-fledgedbodybuilder. There’s a ton of discussion about whether Gym gloves are worth using.
Hitting the gym means lifting the weight and pushing your limit to achieve your goal, whether it is to reduce your belly and body weight or bodybuilding. You won’t be able to achieve your goals if you suffer an injury during the exercise. So, Gym glove is just another accessory to help you with your training and reduce the chances of the injuries. It also helps in keeping your hands soft and smooth by reducing the chances of dry and callus-filled hands.
The criteria’s on which I have assessed all these Gym gloves are:
1. Grip & Padding – It is the main feature of any Gym gloves, and if the grip & padding is not good, then the whole purpose of the Gym gloves is lost.
2. Quality of the product – Durability of the product is checked and whether the stitches and fabric used is long-lasting or not
3. Comfort & Fitting level – If the fitting of the gloves is perfect, then the person will feel like he is not wearing anything and comfort should be there so that you can wear it for longer duration without any problem.
4. Value for money – Whether the product matches its price or not

These are the Top 10 Best Gym Gloves in India 2024:

1) Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves

1. Kobo Leather Fitness Gloves are the best Gym gloves in India.
2. The front palm is made of leather.
3. It has padded front palm for added comfort.
4. The backhand is made of soft material for ventilation which means less sweating.
5. For comfortable fitting spandex at the back.
6. It has a velcro closure to wrap the gloves tightly to your hand.
7. It is very comfortable.
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2) XTRIM X Macho Gym Gloves

1. The material used to manufacture the product is mesh and leather.
2. It is made of natural grain leather to provide better grip and reduce the chances of weight slippage.
3. Washable material and double stitched for durability.
4. The rubberized stretchy wrap for wrist support.
5. The Flexi-strap wrist is the main attraction of these gloves as it is designed for reducing unwanted pressure on the wrists.
6. It is available in different sizes.
7. XTRIM X Macho Gym Gloves are the second-best Gym gloves in India.
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3) Xtrim Unisex Macho Gym Gloves

1. Material: Stretchy mesh and natural grain leather.
2. The natural grain leather used in macho gloves provides ample grip to the lifter thereby reducing the possibility of weight slipping.
3. 45cm long adjustable stretchable strap which provides wrist support, flexibility and reduces injuries.
4. It is double stitched for good durability.
5. It is manufactured with washable material.
6. It comes with Tactical thumb which means the backside of the thumb is made of stretchable strap material which helps in better grip.
7. Xtrim Unisex Macho Gym Gloves are the third-best Gym gloves in India.
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4) Nivia Python Sports Gloves

1. Washable, odour-free micro fibre-based sued material for palm.
2. Foamed cushion at strategic pressure points on the palm.
3. Pullers for easy gloves removing
4. Sweat wiper at the thumb.
5. Stretchable lycra fabric at the backside adapts to the shape of your hand.
6. Molded hi-tech firm stick fastener.
7. Nivia Python Sports Gloves are the fourth-best Gym gloves in India.
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5) Nivia Pro Wrap Gym Gloves

1. Material: Lycra fibre and Natural grain leather.
2. Additional embossed leather in frontside for good grip and weights handling.
3. Non-elastic wrist wrap for firm grip around the wrist.
4. PU foam is used inside for excellent comfortability.
5. Order a size above than usual if you want them to be comfortable because the gloves are designed for a tight fit.
6. Velcro closure.
7. Nivia Pro Wrap Gym Gloves are the fifth-best Gym gloves in India.
1. These gloves are made of leather and mesh material.
2. The front palm is gel padded for better grip.
3. It comes with a pull-off system on the fingers so that the user can easily take them off after use.
4. Mesh material is used at the backside to prevent sweating during use.
5. Velcro closure is there for a firm fit.
6. It is washable in normal condition.
7. Kobo Weight Lifting Gym Gloves are the sixth-best Gym gloves in India
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7) Kobo Lifting Gym Gloves With Wrist Support

1. It is made of leather and lycra fabric.
2. Lycra fabric is used at the backside for comfortable fitting.
3. The font palm is padded for good grip and weights handling.
4. Hook and Loop closure.
5. It comes with wrist support which helps in reducing the chances of injuries during training.
6. Comfortable wear and pull-offs for easy removal.
7. Kobo Lifting Gloves with Wrist Support is the seventh-best Gym gloves in India.
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8) XTRIM Suede Leather Gym Gloves

1. Leather and mesh are used to manufacture these gloves.
2. The palm is made with abrasion-resistant leather excellent grip and comfort.
3. Double-stitched for genuine durability of the glove.
4. Wrist wrap provides stretch and stability.
5. Soft lycra fabric allows for an even fit and smooth form.
6. Absorb sweat and dries up quickly.
7. XTRIM Suede Leather Gym Gloves are the eighth-best Gym gloves in India.
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9) Kobo Fitness Weight Training Hand Protector Gym Gloves

1. It has a leather front palm and padded front palm.
2. Soft and comfortable material backhand for sweat ventilation.
3. Lycra at back for comfortable fitting.
4. Pull-off system for easily removing gloves.
5. Adjustable velcro strap closure.
6. Washable material.
7. Kobo Fitness Weight Training Hand Protector Gym Gloves are the ninth-best Gym gloves in India.
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10) StarX Beginner Foam Gym Gloves

1. It is made of foam.
2. Long-lasting material designed for heavy weight lifting.
3. It comes with wrist support so no need to buy one additionally.
4. Velcro closure.
5. Durable.
6. StarX Beginner Foam Gym Gloves are the tenth-best Gym gloves in India.
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