Friday, 3 January 2020

Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder in India 2020

These are the top 5 best mixer grinders in India 2020:

> Mixer Grinder
> 550 W Power Consumption
> Blending Feature
> Chutney Grinding Feature

From the Manufacturer:

Design & Operation : This mixer grinder comes with flow breaker jars for efficient functioning, and magic seal protection for lubricating the motor and preventing entry of water into it. It is easy to use with its piano type plastic buttons and 3 speed and pulse settings. The Samurai edge blades provides tough performance and durability.

Capacity : The plastic blender jar comes with a capacity of 0.65L with juice filter and 1L without juice filter. The stainless blender jar has a capacity of 1L while the chutney jar has a capacity of 0.2L. The stainless mill jar has a capacity of 0.5L dry and 0.3L wet.

Power & Safety : For efficient performance, the mixer grinder comes with a powerful 550W motor. For your safety, this Panasonic appliance is equipped with a safety lid locking system and a unique interlocking safety system to ensure that the lids and jars are locked in properly.

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Top 5 Best Badminton Racket Under ₹2000 in India 2020

These are the top 5 best badminton racket under ₹2000 in India 2020:

1) Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus

> Features Elastic Ti Technology
> Oval Head Shape
> Graphite and Aluminium Frame
> Designed for Intermediate Level of Play
> Comes with full cover

Designed for Intermediate Level of Play : Perfect your shots and take your level of challenge a step higher with this Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Strung Badminton Racquet.

Features Elastic Ti Technology : Featuring Elastic Ti technology, this racquet offers more resilience and increased strength to boost your performance.

Graphite and Aluminium Frame : Excellently constructed from graphite and aluminium frame, this lightweight racquet offers enhanced durability.

Oval Head Shape : The oval head shape of the racquet enables you to make continuous strikes with better control and more power.
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2) Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus

> Full Carbon Graphite Racquet
> Long Shaft with Medium Flex
> Shockless System for Frame
> Built-in T-joint
> Aero-dynamic Shape
> Comes with full cover

Carbon Graphite Shaft & Frame : The Muscle Power 22 Plus G4 Strung Badminton Racquet from Yonex is made perfectly using carbon graphite shaft and frame to make it highly durable and strong.

Flexible Flex : The flexible flex ensures that you make powerful strokes with ease.

High Swing Speed : The racquet offers a high swing speed on each strike allowing you to make consistent shots with better control.

Pre-strung : The strings of the Muscle Power 22 Plus G4 racquet are pre-strung and enable you to play aggressive strokes with more power and speed.
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3) Yonex Nanoray L Plus 8

> Full Carbon Graphite Racquet
> Long Shaft with Medium Flex
> Shockless System for Frame
> Built-in T-joint
> Aero-dynamic Shape
> Comes with full cover

Designed for Intermediate Level : This racquet is designed for players who are familiar with the dynamics of badminton and are slowly progressing towards the advanced-level.

G4 Grip Size : A thicker grip like this allows you to hold the racquet firmly in your hand and also allows you to smash the shuttle with immense power.

Graphite Shaft : Graphite keeps the racquet lightweight so that you can swing it with ease.
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4) Yonex Nanoray Light 4I

> Aluminium Racquet
> Nanomesh Carbon Nanotube Shaft
> Shockless System for Frame
> Built-in T-joint
> Aero-dynamic Shape
> Stifff Flexiblity
> Comes with full cover

The Latest Head-Light Series From Yonex, Nanoray Provides A Fast And Controlled Swing With Enhanced Repulsion Via The New Aero Frame. Nanoray Is Designed For Players Who Force Their Opponents Into The Back Of The Court With Extreme Speed. The Thinner Top Of The Frame Sides Minimize Air Resistance For Greater Head Speed, While The Thicker Sides At The Bottom Of The Head Generate Maximum Repulsion Through Greater Frame Stiffness.
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5) Yonex Muscle Power 29 Light

> With Shock Less Grommet System
> Body is Made up of High Modulus Graphite with Titanium Mesh
> Shaft is of High Modulus Graphite
> Isometric Head Shape
> Provides Even Balance
> Comes with Full cover

Shock Less Grommet System : The design of the strings in the new grommet pattern reduces the stress from the strings when it comes in contact with the shuttlecock and it also ensures minimal shock effect thereby improving your performance.

Medium Stiff : Designed exceptionally to enhance your playing skills, the Muscle Power 29 Light G4 Strung Badminton Racquet comes with a medium stiff that enables you to play accurate shots with more control.

High Modulus Graphite : Shaft Make those quick swings with ease as the high modulus graphite shaft adds more stability to your shots.

Ti-mesh Frame : Yonex has made the racquet with a titanium mesh that offers high repulsion and reduces air resistance to enhance your game.

Isometric Head Shape : The isometric head shape widens the sweet spot area and makes even your off-centre shots impactful.

Top 5 Best 5.1 Home Theater Speakers Under ₹7000 in India 2020

These are the top 5 best 5.1 speakers under ₹7000 in India 2020:

1) F&D F3000U

> 5.1 Channel Configuration
> Wood Chassis
> 1 Subwoofer
> 4 Satellites with 1 Center Satellite
> Plug and Play

From the Manufacturer:

Design : Built to look good, these speakers come with a black matte look and sport heavy duty metal grill to add a rugged finish. They also have red ring decoration. It's not all about the looks - the speakers have user-friendly controls on the front panel and comes with a full function remote control in fluorescent as well.

Audio : The range has one front speaker, a center speaker, a surround speaker and a subwoofer. The speakers come with a full range driver of 3 inches for satellites and a 5.25 inch bass driver for the subwoofer.

Connectivity : The speakers allow you to plug in your USB, SD or MMC card and play directly from it. The USB reader supports both MP3 and WMA dual format decoding as well.

Power : Fenda, through these speakers, gives you a Peak Music Power Output of 5000W to allow for every beat and every syllable to be heard with perfect clarity. The sub-woofer effect is up to 29W and it operates with 220-240V at 50/60Hz.

Special Features : These 5.1 F&D speakers use a switch type transformer to help save user energy, allowing you to listen to music with good quality without worrying about using too much power.
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Top 5 Best Inline Skates in India 2020

These are the Top 5 Best Inline Skates in India 2020: 

1) Nivia Super Inline Skates

> Age Group : 5-16 + Year
> Playing Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Training, Advanced, Recreational
> Polyurethene wheels of size 80mm
> ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings, rugged and sturdy, for a longer llife
> Aluminium frames, adjustable in length
> Built-in brakes at the rear of the skates

Every kid in the world who is interested in skating dreams of owning a pair of inline skates. Fulfill your kid's wish by gifting them the Nivia Super Inline Skates that looks and functions well. The wheels of the inline skates are resistant to damage ensuring that your child can use the skates for a long time. The bearings are made of ABEC-5 carbon steel that provides sturdy and durable performance while allowing the wheels to rotate freely and smoothly. The Super Inline Skates are designed with durability in mind. The chassis of the inline skates is made of light aluminium that is easy to lift and it ensures that your child has no trouble carrying or using the skates during an extensive skating session.
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Top 5 Best Skateboard in India 2020

These are the Top 5 Best Skateboard in India 2020:

1) Strauss Bronx

> High quality carbon ball bearing for a smooth ride
> Colorful graphics on the board
> Board size: 31 x 8 inches
> Firm wooden base that won't give way
> Excellent finish
> Durable PU Wheels

From the Manufacturer:

Skateboard is a type of sports equipment used primarily for the activity of skateboarding. Strauss brings you a quality skateboard. The all-new Strauss Bronx FT Skateboard offer quality components paired with some great quality eye-catching graphics. No average product, fitted with best inline carbon ball-bearings for a smooth and uninterrupted skateboarding.

The package, which contains one skateboard, is a top-of-the-line product from Strauss. If you are a beginner and thinking about purchasing a skateboard then you can not go wrong with this durable skateboard. The 31 inches long and 7.5 inches wide deck is covered with a stylish graphics, a firm wooden base to provide a secure footing and 5 inches wide trucks which are made of solid steel.

An evenly weighted product which makes skateboarding a fun activity and gives you a smooth ride. This skateboard comes with an artistic graphic that gives it a unique and stylish look. This high-quality skateboard will stick with you, which is very well designed aesthetically
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