10 Best Air Purifier in India, Delhi (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

While we cannot control the pollution and impurities of the outer environment, it is our responsibility to keep the indoors dust-free and avoid long-term health complications that can result by breathing in impure air. To keep the air clean and free from dust mites, harmful allergens and other such impurities, use an air purifier. Other … Read more

10 Best Room Heaters in India 2020

As the name gives away, room heaters are used to heat a room or a small space with the help of gas or electricity. They are mostly used during winters and are indispensable in places with a generally cold climate. Although the modern room heaters are mostly portable, these convenient appliances are either fitted to … Read more

10 Best Printers Under ₹10000 in India 2020

Printers have become quite common equipment in home studies and offices. Earlier they were only used for limited purposes, but with the latest technical innovations, the modern-day printers are revolutionized with wireless connectivity options, multiple functions like scanning and copying. From taking printouts of school projects and college assignments to important official documents, the importance … Read more

10 Best Mattress in India 2020

A non-interruptive good night’s sleep is important to all, and one of the most important factors that impact it is the type of mattress you use. Especially if you suffer from back pain and other such problems, a healthy spine alignment is mandatory while sleeping, which is only possible with a premium-quality mattress. To start … Read more

Best Soundbar Under ₹10000 (2020) India

If you are looking for the best soundbars in India, then you are in the right place. You can experience 3D cinematic sound at home by simply connecting your TV, laptop, smartphones or other devices to a soundbar. The woofers, subwoofers and thumping bass will let you take the movie-night experience to the next level. … Read more

10 Best Smartwatch Under ₹10000 (2020) India

Gone are the days when people used to wear watches for just checking the time. Technological advancement has revolutionized every aspect of life, and the smartwatch is indeed a “smart” creation that will help you to do a thousand other things along with telling time. You can connect it easily with your Android and iOS … Read more

10 Best UPS for PC in India 2020

Power disruptions are quite common and can hamper with the flow of work. Under present circumstances, where work from home is the only way, one cannot afford any such disturbances. So, for guaranteed power protection during all types of electrical issues like power surges, outages, spikes and voltage fluctuations. The UPS system provides an ample … Read more

10 Best 2.1 Speakers in India 2020

Are you looking forward to upgrading your home entertainment system? The latest 2.1 speakers might be of particular interest to you. Having a couple of satellite speakers along with subwoofers, the 2.1 sound systems are noted for their all-round performance. Not only this but with proper Bluetooth connectivity, one can easily play music by simply … Read more