Sunday, 19 May 2019

5 Best Tennis Shoes in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

The first thing is the difference that a tennis shoe gives you compared to other shoes on the market:
Tennis shoes are very good at giving you lateral support and one of the main ways that players move on a tennis court is side to side, there is much less chance of rolling your ankle wearing tennis shoes compared to running shoe which will only support you moving front and back in the style of a runner.

There are different shoes for different types of court in tennis:

1. Grass Court Shoes

The main aspects of a grass court shoe are traction. Grass court shoe gives you really good traction on the court, it stops you from slipping around, the grass court can get a little bit slippery when

Thursday, 16 May 2019

5 Best Badminton Shoes in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Things to consider while purchasing Badminton shoes:

1. Soft Inside: The inside of the shoe has to be soft, especially the edges, so that when you stop it pushes your feet and not gives you bruises.
2. Ankle Support: Badminton is all about twisting, turning, and constant change of direction. So it protects you from a badly sprained ankle.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

5 Best Rucksacks in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Beas River, Manali

Q - What capacity of the Rucksack should you go for?

Trip length - are you going out for an overnighter or for a week or more.
Weekend (1–3 nights; 35–50 liters) 
Efficient packers using newer, less-bulky gear can really keep things light on 1- to 3-night trips by using a pack in this range. fantastic use for weekend trips. 

Multi-day (3–5 nights; 50–70 liters) 
These are the most popular backpacking packs sold in India, and they’re an excellent choice for warm-weather trips lasting 3 or more days. 50–80 liter packs are also used for extended weekend trips. There would have more compartments to carrying accessories like binoculars, camera, ,map, Books, torch etc.

Top 5 Best Badminton Racket Under ₹5000 in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

How to Choose a Badminton Racket

The things to be considered when choosing the racket is:

1. Weight

2. Balance

3. Shaft Flexibility

Before considering what type of racket to buy, first consider what type of player you are because every one of the rackets is unique, no two rackets are the same in weight, balance and flexibility, a racket with more flex means more power but a little less control with stiffer shaft you supply less power but the racket helps to control the shot with a medium flex you get a good balance of two.

Heavy racket helps the shuttle to travel further if you can generate the head-speed if you lack the strength but have a steady stroke then a head-heavy or an even balance racket with a flexible shaft would be good for you.

A medium balance racket truly is the best of both worlds
head light feels great if you are on the weaker you can accelerate this type of racket more easily combine this with a medium or stiff and you have more control and head speed.

4. Material

Graphite is less expensive than carbon-fibre so if you are a beginner or an amateur player you should buy the racket made of graphite, and if you are playing professionally or in any club then you should go for the carbon-fibre racket which is light as a feather and aerodynamic.

5. String tension

String tension is the most important factor as it affects the game very much, so majorly lower string tension is used by the beginner or amateur players because it generates more power without a good hit and on the other hand, professional players use higher string tensions because they need more control and have a good hitting technique.

6. Grip

Beginner or professional it is totally based on the player which type of grip he/she like, whether a small grip or large grip and size of the grip so that they can maintain the hold of the racket in high-quality games.

These are the top 5 best badminton racket under ₹5000 in India 2019:

1) Yonex Voltric 10DG

Monday, 13 May 2019

Top 5 Best Footballs Under ₹1000 in India 2019

Today we are talking about how to choose a soccer ball/football

There is a wide range of options to choose from, so let's get right into it:-
The first thing to note is the difference between match balls and training balls - Matchballs follow the official size, weight and shape regulations and are designed for gameplay and on the other hand Training balls often have a lot more variety and are built with durability in mind they are used primarily in practice or recreational play.