Top 10 Best Squash Rackets in India 2024 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Type of head/throat:

a) Open throat -Also called teardrop shape, in these rackets main strings run down to the shaft and this allows rackets to move more freely. These kinds of rackets are more powerful and also comes with a bigger sweet spot which is the area of the string in which you can control the ball very well. Beginners preferred this type of head because it produces more power.
b) Closed throat – Rackets with a big opening in the throat have shorter main strings and a more compact racket head as a result. These rackets offer better control but have a smaller sweet spot, and therefore you must hit the ball correctly all the time to benefit from the extra precision that this closed throat racket provides. Advanced players prefer this type of head because they require control in the game.


It indicates how the weight is distributed over the racket. The racket can be head-light, evenly balanced or head-heavy.
a) Head heavy – In which most weight is in the top of the frame. It provides more weight behind the ball and therefore you can hit hard more easily. Also, you have more control over your strokes because you feel the racket head better.
b) Head-light – It has its most weight located at the bottom of the racket, which makes them very easy to manoeuvre. Volleying the ball,  playing flick shots and changing the direction of your shot at the very last moment is easy. A disadvantage of a head-light racket is that it can be a bit harder to control its speed.
c) Evenly balanced


It is an important factor because it determines the manoeuvrability of the racket. 
People who know about Squash(Coaches) recommend players to choose a racket which is entirely made of graphite. The permitted maximum allowed weight is 255 grams, but most rackets weight 90 to 150 grams.
The light racket is more agile and therefore, suitable for offensive play because you can react faster. The slightly heavier rackets are ideal for players with a traditional playing style who likes a slower swing.

Beam thickness:

Generally, the thickness of the beam is between 16 to 21 millimetres. The thicker the beam, the stiffer the racket becomes, so that reflects how much power it can generate. And the thin beam racket is preferred by skilled players because they need more manoeuvrability.

Type of strings:

a) Natural Gut – Professional players prefer this type of string because it gives the best feel and control of the ball; it also comes with a high price tag.
b) Multifilament – It is also known as synthetic gut, this is the most popular string as it plays well, similarly to natural gut, but last longer.
c) Monofilament –  Players who break string easily use this type because it is a very tough string. But being a very tough string, it has its disadvantage like having less comfort and feel. So, what players do is, they use monofilament as the main string and synthetic gut as across string to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Table of Contents

These are the top 5 best Squash Rackets in India 2024:

1) Tecnifibre 12CAR13019 Carboflex

1. Tecnifibre is considered the best Squash equipment manufacturing brand
2. Softer shaft construction
3. More speed and aggressiveness
4. Provides more control and power
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2) HEAD Microgel 110

1. Outstanding power and a rock-solid feel
2. Weight – 115 gm unstrung and 160 gm strung
3. Not for beginners but for them who have learnt the game and are willing to progress
4. String – Nylon fibres
5. Recommended Re String-Synthetic Gut
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3) HEAD I.110

1. Best selling and most lovable by the club players
2. Forgiving feel and is extremely lightweight
3. Stiff strings give it an inconceivable amount of power
4. Recommended String – Intellistring
5. Ideal for – Club players
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1. Best selling and most lovable racquets in Jr. Professional section
2. Perfect racquet for ambitious players offering powerful strokes
3. light racquet for  better manoeuvrability
4. Recommended String – Evolution Pro
5. Ideal for – Jr Professional
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5) Tecnifibre Carboflex 125

1. Good power and manoeuvrability
2. Increased stiffness for power and responsiveness
3. Good control and swing
4. Ideal for dynamic players
5. Synthetic gut string
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These are the top 5 best Squash Rackets for beginners in India 2020:

1) NIVIA Attack-Ti

1. A light-weight racquet which makes it easy to handle for amateurs
2. Synthetic gut string
3. Weight: 160 g
4. Made of aluminium
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2) HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0

1. Average manoeuvrability and power
2. It is a heavy racket weighs more than 230 grams
3. Suitable for Beginners
4. Recommended Re String-Synthetic Gut
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3) Nivia Horn

1. Head-light feel for easy play
2. A racquet for beginners
3. The light racket weighs around 170 grams
4. Made with Carbon and Aluminium
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4) Cosco Power -175

1. Made with Aluminium
2. Lightweight – 175 grams
3. A racquet for beginners
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5) Cosco LST 125

1. Made with Aluminium
2. Lightweight and durable
3. A racquet for beginners
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