Top 10 Best Running Shoes Under ₹1000 in India 2024

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These are the Top 10 Best Running Shoes under ₹1000 in India 2024:

1) ASIAN Wonder-13 Running Sports Shoes

1. Asian manufacture shoes for regular wear.
2. It has good air circulation which helps in keeping your feet healthy.
3. It is made with outer mesh material for good comfort.
4. The Lace-Up enclosure ensures a firm fit.
5. The sole provides an excellent amount of grip.
6. Extremely lightweight pair of shoes.
7. To prevent stinking allow your pair of shoes to air and de-odorize on a regular basis.
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2) Sparx Running Sports Shoes

1. Sparx is a trusted footwear brand of Relaxo and its headquarter is based in Delhi.
2. Stylish look and design.
3. The lace-up closure allows the shoes to have a snug fit with minimum discomfort.
4. Light in weight.
5. Flexible and very comfortable to wear as well.
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3) Lancer Mesh Sports, Running & Walking Outdoor Shoes

1. Lancer is a good footwear brand with a diverse portfolio of products.
2. Lightweight.
3. Good for daily wear too.
4. Manufactured with mesh material.
5. Lace-up closure.
6. The shoes are extremely comfortable.
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4) Amazon’s Symactive Running Sports Shoes

1. Symactive is a new activewear brand from Amazon.
2. Lightweight Lace-up shoe with a breathable mesh upper for comfort.
3. Pylon EVA outsole for better flexibility & bounce during movement.
4. The insole of the shoe is made of Memory foam.
5. Padding in overall shoe for better grip while walking & running.
6. The outer part is made of textile material.
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5) Shozie Running Sports Shoes

1. Shozie is known for its wide range of men’s casual, formal, sports/running, ethnic, party wear shoes.
2. Classic style.
3. Comfortable pair of shoe.
4. Lace-up closure ensures a firm fit.
5. Manufactured with mesh material.
6. Available in different colours.
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6) Bourge Vega-1 Running Sports Shoes

1. Bourge shoes are great for those who want the best in an affordable price range.
2. It has a non-skid sole.
3. It has a soft cushion foam.
4. Affordable, sporty and stylish
5. Elastic closure.
6. The outer material is mesh.
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7) Sparx Running Sports Shoes

1. Sparx is a trusted footwear brand of Relaxo and its headquarter is based in Delhi.
2. Sturdy and stylish design.
3. Comfortable and durable.
4. Lace-up closure ensures good grip.
5. The outer material is mesh.
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8) ASIAN Bullet-02 Running Sports Shoes

1. Asian manufacture shoes for regular wear.
2. it is lightweight.
3. It is made with breathable fabric.
4. Air cushion for good comfortability.
5. Endorsed by legendary cricketer Sehwag.
6. The outer material is mesh.
7. Lace-up enclosure for a firm grip.
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9) ASIAN Cosco Running Sports Shoes

1. Asian manufacture shoes for regular wear.
2. Stylish design with logo on its sides
3. Designed for people who need a pair of comfortable footwear for their day trips.
4. It features a slip-on closure for a proper and snug fit.
5. Sole is made of EVA.
6. The outer material is made of mesh.
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10) TRASE SRV Relax Running Sports Shoes

1. Good brand.
2. The synthetic upper with magnificent cut-out details and meshed inlays.
3. Sturdy uppers and re-enforced toecaps.
4. Lightweight EVA shoe
5. Designed for fitness-conscious people.
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