Friday, 3 January 2020

5 Best Tennis Shoes in India 2020 - Reviews & Buying Guide

The first thing is the difference that a tennis shoe gives you compared to other shoes on the market:
Tennis shoes are very good at giving you lateral support and one of the main ways that players move on a tennis court is side to side, there is much less chance of rolling your ankle wearing tennis shoes compared to running shoe which will only support you moving front and back in the style of a runner.

There are different shoes for different types of court in tennis:

1. Grass Court Shoes

The main aspects of a grass court shoe are traction. Grass court shoe gives you really good traction on the court, it stops you from slipping around, the grass court can get a little bit slippery when
you are playing. This type of shoe has pimple sole which gives you the maximum amount of traction when you play and the sole has a lot less cushioning than a normal tennis shoe because of the cushioning nature of the grass court and the sole is also very flat and this reduces damages to the court when you are playing.

2. Clay court shoes

These shoes are different in nature to grass court shoes, the main thing about a clay court shoe is the stability it gives you with the tough upper sole and also lateral support it gives you so a lot of side-to-side movement on a clay court and give it less chance of you rolling an ankle as you are playing, it has a tread sole typically it is a herringbone tread pattern and this gives you maximum traction and grip when you are moving across the courts. Clay court shoes are also great to use on astroturf and artificial clay.

3. Omni court or All court shoes

Great shoe for all court surfaces the shoe gives you really good lateral support and stability with a tough upper sole, the other thing is the sole of the shoe is very very tough and durable so you do very well to get through it and it lasts you a long time, it also gives you great cushioning and a bit of support and protection with impact on some of the courts that you play on.

These are the 5 best tennis shoes in India 2020:

1) Yonex LUMIO

1. It has a perfect fit for all foot shapes.
2. Its cushion absorbs shock then reverses the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement.
3. Its sole is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork
4. It is durable, breathable, feather-light, soft, water and corrosion resistant non-marking tennis shoes.
5. It is suitable for all courts.
6. Shoes' upper material is made of PU, the midsole is made from EVA and power cushion.
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2) Nike COURT LITE Tennis Shoes

1. Synthetic materials combine for lightweight comfort and support.
2. Mesh inserts provided added ventilation to keep you cool during play.
3. Full-length Phylon midsole with a midfoot shank for added comfort, support and stability.
4. Non-marking rubber outsole.
5. Optimal traction on any court surface.
6. A soft midsole offers good cushioning and support underfoot.

3) Nivia Energy Tennis Shoes

1. The synthetic leather is lightweight and durability is assured.
2. It has a textured sole.
3. Ultra double TPU toe protection guard is placed.
4. It has a lace up closure.
5. Air mesh lining with the perfect comfort and breathability for the players' feet.
6. The EVA insole is used for comfort and shock absorption.
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4) Fila Ace Tennis Shoes

1. It has a synthetic upper
2. It has a cushioned footbed
3. It has a textured and patterned outsole.
4. It has a manufactured warranty of 3 months.
5. It has a non-marking sole.
6. It has a lace up closure.

5) Nivia Glider Tennis Shoes

1. It has laces which ensures a good fit.
2. It has a textured sole for better grip on the court.
3. It has a cushioned ankle to provide better comfort.
4. It has a padded footbed for shock absorption.
5. Perfect shoes for beginners.
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