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Top 5 Best Table Tennis Racket Under ₹2500 in India 2020

How to choose your Table Tennis Blade: A Perfect Guide

First of all, there are two primary components in a racket:

1. The Blade which is the wood part
2. Different types of Rubbers

In the Blade, there are two differnt kinds of styles:

1. Shake hand style - 90% players around the world use this the shake hand style, you hold it like you are shaking hands with it and you choose both sides of the racket.

2. Penhold style - This style is more popular in Asia than it is in the western world but even in Aisa shake hand is becoming popular, so in penhold, you hold the racket a pen or chopsticks, and you are using just one side of the racket.

There are three types of handle style:

So when you are choosing your racket salesman will ask you what handle size you want and you are going to go what's that?

1. Flared - The flair comes in the middle and flares out the end and this probably used by over 80% of the people around the world

2. Anatomic - An anatomic handle, it bulges out a little bit on in the middle and then flares out a little bit at the end and near around 5-10% people around the world

3. Straight - Basically its just straight up and down and used by the 10-15% people.

Speed of the Racket:

Probably the most essential variable that you are going to choose is the speed of your Blade and the blade range in speed from very fast which would be an offensive plus rating to offensive minus, all-round and all the way down to the defensive minus which will be the slowest Blade and all the blades have a number speed rating so you can compare all the blades for how fast they are.

Why is the speed important?

Well if you are just starting in the sport you dont want a blade that is too fast, if the Blade is too fast what is going to happen is the ball is going to fly off the end of the table, you are not going to have any control.

What the speed of the Blade means is that the same amount of force the ball will go farther, with a defensive blade (if its slow speed) its not going to go far with the same amount of force as an offensive, so you not going to want one that is flying around too fast.

If you are just starting for most players who are beginning intermediate I would recommend an all-around speed and if you are living dangerously maybe offensive minus

Another choice to make is how heavy your Blade is?

Most blades range in weight from about 70 grams to 100 grams with average being about 87 grams.

Weight is a personal preference, some players think that if its heavier Blade they are going to get more power, some players feel with a lighter blade they are going to get more quickness but my feeling is you should just use a weight thats comfortable for you.

But keep in mind that you are using thick rubber the rubber can add a lot of weight to your Blade so if you dont want the whole overall racket to be too heavy dont choose a heavy blade.

Now let's talk about rubber there are four main types of rubber in Table tennis:

1. Smooth - the smooth rubber is the most popular for the modern game because you can get lots of speed and spin with the soft inverted rubber it is a flat surface with pips going toward the inside and a layer of sponge.

2. Short pips - the short pips rubber is still pretty popular but not nearly as popular as the sponge, its not a spinny because the ball doesn't grip it as much, but the pips are facing the outside there is a layer of sponge

3. Long pips - It has a spin reversal and mostly used by a defensive player and I dont recommend it to the beginners

4. Anti rubber is smooth on the outside but it doesn't grip the ball and mainly gives no spin shot

The decision you will need to make is what sponge thickness you will use, the rule of thumb is the thicker, the quicker, the thicker the sponge, the faster it will be and the thinner the sponge, the slower it will be and more control you can get with a thinner sponge

These are the top 5 best table tennis racket under ₹2500 in India 2020:

1) GKI Euro V
> Light-weight
> Durable
> Rubber Sponge with High Elastic Micropore
> Visually Appealing and Functionally Superior
> Provides Good Control and Power

The right combination of rubber and sponge makes the surface of the table tennis racquet more elastic, thereby producing more spin and bounce. Crafted with the right balance of top-grade materials, the GKI Euro V Table Tennis Racquet gives you remarkable performance.

Provides Good Control and Power: The GKI Euro V Table Tennis Racquet is designed to provide outstanding control and power to your shots.

Rubber Sponge with High Elastic Micropore: The rubber sponge with high elastic micropore absorbs shocks and ensures that you get a comfortable, cushion effect while you make those power shots.

Lightweight: Extremely light in weight, you can easily make those quick swings with better control.

Durable: Made using top quality materials, the racquet provides long lasting durability.

Visually Appealing Functionally Superior: Along with offering superior power and performance, this racquet is also visually appealing.
Buy From: Amazon | Flipkart

2) Stag Ninja Fire
> Durable
> European Rubber
> Good Grip
> Excellent Speed and Spin
> Wooden Handle

A quick game of table tennis can rejuvenate your mind and body like nothing else can on a lazy Sunday evening and keep you pepped up for the dreary Monday morning ahead.

European Rubber: The Ninja Fire Table Tennis Racquet from Stag is made perfectly from European rubber to offer a comfortable cushion effect upon ball impact.

Wooden Handle: The handle is made from wood to make the racquet sturdy and to add stability to your shots.

Good Grip: Offering an excellent and strong grip, you can play those quick swings with better control.

Excellent Speed and Spin: Deliver power shots with great speed and spin with the help of this Ninja Fire racquet.

Durable: The racquet can withstand the wear and tear of daily use as it offers lasting durability.
Buy From : Amazon | Flipkart
> Features Flared Handle Providing High Grip
> Blade is Covered with Smooth Rubbers on Both Sides
> Constructed from High-Quality Material
> Rubber produces very good spin as well as speed offensively

Constructed from High-Quality Material: GKI has constructed the racquet from high-quality materials to ensure lasting durability.

The blade is Covered with Smooth Rubbers on Both Sides: The blade is covered with smooth rubbers on both sides that absorbs shocks effectively and allows you to make accurate shots with more control.

Features Flared Handle Providing High Grip: The flared handle provides all players with a high grip thereby increasing your performance levels.
Buy From : Amazon | Flipkart
> Rubber Grip
> ITTF Approved
> Designed for Advanced Level of Play

Designed for Advanced Level of Play: For all intermediate players, Stag has designed this Ninja Attack Table Tennis Racquet that allows you to practice your best moves with exceptional control. Enhancing your performance, this racquet will help in taking your game to an advanced level.

Rubber Grip: The rubber grip of the handle ensures that the players get a comfortable hold of the racquet so they can make powerful shots with great precision.

ITTF Approved: Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, this racquet is constructed from high quality and durable materials.
Buy From : Flipkart

5) Butterfly Timo Boll 1000

> Surface Rubber Type: Pan Asia
> Good Balance of Speed and Spin
> More Responsive Sponge Layer Provides Additional Power
> ITTF Approved
> Designed for developing recreational playe

The German star Timo Boll is an idol for millions the world over. If you aspire to play like him, then get the table tennis blade designed with his collaboration in the form of the Timo Boll 1000 Blade from Butterfly. Offering great control and power is this all-around blade that is suited for all occasions.

Designed for Developing Recreational Player: This blade is created to develop the skills of the recreational players and make them ready for the next level. Easy to use and comfortable to handle, this blade will enhance your game by boosting power and control.

Rubber Provides Good Balance of Speed and Spin: The high-quality rubber surface imparts both spin and power onto the ball when it is struck, making this racquet well-balanced and perfect for all playing styles.
Buy Now From : Amazon | Flipkart

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  1. Hi I need a bat which gives me spin and spin of 100+ ,which one should I take?

  2. Hi, currently I am using GKI Kung Fu DX. Now I want to to a racket with more power and spin. What will be best for me?

  3. Sunil, Which bat would be a ideal all rounder bat for regular play and can help improve playing skills

  4. Hello
    I am a state level player and want a racket to further enhance my game as I will be playing inter-university tournaments. Iam using EuroXX and I have an offensive type game

  5. Hi sunil, I have just started to play TT (played for 2-3 weeks). Which bat should I buy under 1000 RS ? Thanks

    1. Hey Sourabh go for Butterfly Wakaba 2000. 5th in my list.

  6. Hi I want a racket with 100% power and 100% spin under 2999

  7. does stag ninja fire racket has same rubber on both sides?

    1. No, Black side is little bit harder than the red side.

  8. Hi Sunil..I m an intermediate aggresive player..currently m playing approx 6hr a week..gki Euro v is fine for me or anything else is recommended???

  9. Hi Sunil, me and my brother both love to play table tennis. It has been almost an year since we started and the bat we both used is gki kung fu dx. We want to upgrade with a bat in the range of 1200-1300. My brother is a little bit towards the offensive side while I play a bit defensive. Can you please suggest some bats for us?

    1. Hey Brij, For you try GKI Euro V and for your bro : Stag Ninja Attack(2nd and 4th in my list). Welcome

  10. Me and my brother are playing with gki kung fu dx since an year and would like to upgrade a bit so as to improve our game. Can you suggest a balanced racket for me and a little offensive one for my brother? Under Rs. 1300-1400. thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Neel, For you try GKI Euro V and for your bro : Stag Ninja Attack(2nd and 4th in my list). Welcome

  11. Hi Sunil,
    Am looking at a bat with rubber which provides exceptional spin grip for any direction of bat movement. With hard outers. Looking at something which is Fast, has good spin & counterattack speed.

    Am open to buy from amazon/usa.


    1. According to ur description Stag Ninja Fire is best for u in Under ₹2500 price mark. And If u can tell me ur budget then I can tell u more suitable bats.

  12. Hello can you please refer me a racket around 1000 with the priority as follow

    3.speed and control

    Similar to that of ninja attack. Or it is the best?

  13. Hi Sunil,

    For an intermediate, I am looking for the best racket within 7-8k. Would be great if you could suggest something.


    1. Hi Akash, I would suggest you to go with GKI Euro Jumbo.


  14. Hi Sunil,

    Might need your advice for my TT bat.
    I play almost daily in office for about an hour.
    You can say we are NOT beginners now.
    I am more of a defensive player than offensive.

    My friends have the following bats and my opinion after playing these:
    GKI Offensive XX (around 700) - Too heavy for my taste.
    Ninja Fire (around 1400) - Very good weight but I felt it was poor in control.
    Wakaba 1000 (around 1100) - Felt way too light weight. Didn't like it. Didn't like the shots it generated as well.

    So, based on the above, would it be possible to recommend a bat for me?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hey Kasi,

      Your mentions:
      1) GKI XX (All round bat, speed-92, spin-92, control-96 and weight 89g)
      2) Ninja Fire (Offensive bat , speed-92, spin-92, control-72 and weight 73g)
      3) Wakaba 1000 (Offensive bat, speed-85, spin-75, control-75 and weight 82g)
      So according to these u can go for:
      1) GKI Euro XX
      2) GKI Euro V

    2. Hi Sunil,

      Purchased the GKI Euro V bat from flipkart and received it this Monday. My observations so far:
      1. Lighter but not to the point I would like it. Would have preferred even lighter.
      2. Control is very good.
      3. The Red-rubber side seems to generate decent spin.
      4. The Black-rubber side is neither generating the desired spin nor any speed.

      I have mixed feelings after playing with that bat for 2-3 hours. Not sure if I should return it back.

  15. Hi. Is wakaba 3000 better than ninja fire? I'm getting wakaba 3000 at a lesser price than ninja fire. Should I go for it?

  16. Hi i play table tennis for about 1-2 hours a day. And i love to play chops also i am a defensive player. I played with kunfu dx once i liked.
    But what do you suggest

  17. Hai...I will play daily 1-2 hours table tennis, I would like to have best bat in which i can chop (Best Spin) and play shots as well, suggest best bat. Also please suggest Which bat is best whether Butterfly or GKI

  18. Hi, I purchased ninja fire recently. Is there any differences between red and black rubber in this one. If yes, then which one should be used when. Another thing I want to buy one more racket for my wife similar to ninja fire but not ninja( as wanted to try another racket). Please recommend.

    1. Hey Alok,
      Go for GKI Euro V or GKI Euro XX .
      In some rubbers there are differences between the black and red versions, and in others there are virtually none. Typically the red will be faster and a bit less spinny, if there is a difference at all.

    2. Thanks Sunil, I would probably go for Euro V. Just curious what is the major difference between Offensive xx and Euro V as they look similar in terms of speed/spin/control.

  19. Hi sunil.I am playing since 1 year in my college and I am going to play in my college sports meet next month.I don't have a racquet.please suggest me one with good power speed and control and anti spin.I like heavy bats and with broad grip

  20. Nice post. I am primarily offensive player, but like to have more control and good spin as well. Fire-attack-V-XX... Which one do you recommend?

  21. Nice post. I am primarily offensive player, but like to have more control and good spin as well. Fire-attack-V-XX... Which one do you recommend?

  22. Hi Sunil,

    I am an aggressive player and looking for a bat with good counter spin and speed. Please advice. Thanks.


  23. Hi, I am an offensive player. Currently I am using gki fasto and I want to buy a new bat but I am confused in these three bats.1 Gki euro xx 2. Gki euro jumbo and 3.stag ninja fire

  24. Which is still the best table tennis racket in india irrespective of the price range ?

  25. Which is the best table tennis racket in the world available in India irrespective of the price range ?

  26. hi ..I have was using stag ninja fire peter karlsson..i broke it today...which one should i go for...just a recreational player..budget 3000

  27. Hey sunil
    I m in need of an offensive racquet for as high speed as possible under 3000 bucks, preferably of butterfly company..... Which would u suggest?

  28. I am an attacking player but want a bit control . Which one should I choose?

  29. Hey Sunil
    I have been playing TT for 2 years I want a good bat with good control and a bit hard rubber and flared handle under 2000 rupees. please reply