Top 5 Best Inline Skates in India 2020

These are the Top 5 Best Inline Skates in India 2020: 

1) Nivia Super Inline Skates

> Age Group : 5-16 + Year
> Playing Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Training, Advanced, Recreational
> Polyurethene wheels of size 80mm
> ABEC 5 carbon steel bearings, rugged and sturdy, for a longer llife
> Aluminium frames, adjustable in length
> Built-in brakes at the rear of the skates

Every kid in the world who is interested in skating dreams of owning a pair of inline skates. Fulfill your kid's wish by gifting them the Nivia Super Inline Skates that looks and functions well. The wheels of the inline skates are resistant to damage ensuring that your child can use the skates for a long time. The bearings are made of ABEC-5 carbon steel that provides sturdy and durable performance while allowing the wheels to rotate freely and smoothly. The Super Inline Skates are designed with durability in mind. The chassis of the inline skates is made of light aluminium that is easy to lift and it ensures that your child has no trouble carrying or using the skates during an extensive skating session.
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2) Kamachi Aluminium In-Line Skates

> Age Group : 5-16 + Year
> Playing Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Training, Advanced, Recreational
> Adjustable inline skates
> Soft boot support system with triple cam lever buckle, push button adjustment system and comfort fit padding
> Lightweight: perfect for kids, beginners and junior
> Original brand and best quality of materials
> Shoes with adjustable length
> The soft inner lining prevents blisters, tight spots or under-padded areas
> Reinforced polymer frame

The All New Skates Has Arrived Which Has Aluminium Body For Better Control & Stability.Roller Skates Size-Medium.Fully Adjustable & Comfortable For Better Control & Stability.
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3) Hoteon Inline Skates

> Age Group : 5-16 + Year
> Playing Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Training, Advanced, Recreational
> Boot : Metal Netting with Aluminium Frame
> Bearings Carbon Steel ABEC-7 Bearings
> Adjustable Yes
> Wheel Type : Polyurethane
> Padding Type : Dual Density Padding

From the Manufacturer:

Adjustable boots. Your kids can use them for years to come even if their feet grow : We all know that children grow quickly, so we made Sports inline skates completely adjustable. So your kids will use them for a few years. Boots have the blue button on the side that you can press to expand the skate to fit your child’s feet, while the straps have long strips of Velcro to secure the ankle.

Supportive Low Balance Shell : Integrated shell and frame system with a lower center of gravity to give skaters more stability and control. This is especially great for new skaters because being closer to the ground helps with balance and allows them have more confidence. The lateral support of the Zetrablade will ensure proper ankle support and energy transfer to make learning how to skate better or simply improve existing skills.

Exceptional Support For Learning : The foundation of any great skate is the structure (boot). The Advantage Pro XT is designed with a built in frame for newer skaters to have more control and response when skating. Having more control enhances stability. The structure also lowers the center of gravity to help with balance. Combine these things with the sleek, anatomical design of the shell and you have the makings of a high quality skate with great lateral support, fit and value to satisfy the needs of any entry level skater.

Smooth, Easy Roll : The wheel and bearing combination is perfect for a beginner. Speed and control are balanced nicely to create a ride that is not as intimidating but still provide a smooth easy roll. When learning, 80mm wheels will allow for easier turning while the ABEC 7 bearings will help the wheel spin more freely. The end result is moderate speed with less effort for easier learning.
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4) Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

> Age Group : 5-16 + Year
> Playing Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Training, Advanced, Recreational
> Imported inline skate
> Breathable shell
> Big pu wheels
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5) Cockatoo Inline Skates

> Age Group : 5-16 + Year
> Playing Level : Beginner, Intermediate, Training, Advanced, Recreational
> Fitted with aluminium chassis
> Shoes with adjustable length
> Pu super rebounded wheel
> In abec 5 bearing
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