Friday, 3 January 2020

Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rackets Under ₹1000 in India 2020

These are the top 5 best table tennis rackets under ₹1000 in India 2020:

1) GKI Offensive XX

> Excellent Grip
> Long-lasting
> Offers Good Control
> Made from Superior Class Material

From the Manufacturer:

Made from Superior Class Material : The GKI Offensive XX Table Tennis Racquet is made from superior class materials to offer lasting durability and high performance.

Excellent Grip : Hit those power-packed shots with ease as the racquet provides an excellent and strong grip.

Lightweight : Extremely light in weight, the racquet is easy to handle and maneuver.

Long Lasting : The racquet is highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of regular use.

Offers Good Control : Offering outstanding control, you can easily play those quick and controlled shots.
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2) GKI Kung FU DX

> Printed Cover
> Imported Handle for Comfortable Grip
> Excellent Durability
> TTFI Approved Premium-quality
> TT Racquet Oval Blade

From the Manufacturer:

Oval Handle : The oval head shape of the blade enables you to deliver power shots.

Offer Good Control : Play those impactful strokes with great precision as the racquet offers good control.

Imported Handle : The imported handle offers an outstanding grip for you to play those quick swings with ease.

Comfortable Grip : The racquet dampens the shock produced upon impact and offers you a comfortable grip allowing you to play and practice for long hours.

Durable : Made using premium materials, the racquet is highly durable and long lasting.
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3) GKI Kung-Fu

> Good Spin Power
> Oval Blade
> Excellent Speed and Control
> Durable
>Offers High Quality Grip

From the Manufacturer:

Oval Blade : Designed with an oval head shape, this table tennis racquet makes each of your shot more effective and accurate.

Excellent Speed and Control : Play those powerful strokes with excellent speed and great control without much effort.

Good Spin Power : The Kung-Fu table tennis racquet offers a good spin power that is sure to fetch you those winning points.

Durable : Made using best quality materials, this GKI racquet guarantees to offer extended durability.

Offers High Quality Grip : The high quality grip ensures that you have a strong and firm hold over the handle during those long and intense matches.
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4) Butterfly Addoy 2000

> Designed for Beginning Recreational Player
> Less Aggressive Surface
> Thinner Sponge Layer
> Produces more Speed than Spin

From the Manufacturer:

Designed for Beginning Recreational : Player The Addoy 2000 table tennis racquet is designed for beginners who are engaged in recreational game.

Produces more Speed than Spin : Perfect for beginners for learning the basic tactics as this racquet produces more speed than spin.

Less Aggressive Surface : With a minimum addoy aggressive surface, the racquet offers a complete control over the shots.

Thinner Sponge Layer : Crafted with thinner sponge layer, the table tennis racquet helps to maintain a better game play.
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5) GKI Offensive Rago

> Good Spin Power
> Excellent Grip and Control
> Combination of Pimpled In and Pimpled Out Rubbers
> Anti-effect

From the Manufacturer:

Combination of Pimpled in and Pimpled out Rubbers : The racquet comes with a combination of pimpled in and pimpled out rubbers to let you have a better control of your impactful shots.

Excellent Grip & Control : The handle offers you an excellent and firm grip ensuring that you hit strokes with more stability and control.

Good Spin Power : Offering high speed, spin and power is this excellent Offensive Rago Table Tennis Racquet.

Anti-effect : The anti-effect distributes the load of impact and absorbs shocks produced when the ball comes in contact with the racquet.

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