Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Top 5 Best Football (Soccer Ball) Under ₹2500 in India 2020

> Conext15! New Launch in place of Bazuca Football
> Soft Texture
> Official Weight & Size, superior shape retention
> Reliable playing characteristics
> For Soft & Grassy Grounds Only
Buy From : Amazon | Flipkart

> Butyl Bladder for superior air retention
> Machine-stitched TPU with nylon-wound carcass for soft touch and durability
Buy From : Amazon | Flipkart

> CR7 Signature Collection
> Contrast graphics allow for easier ball tracking
> Traditional 32-panel design delivers durability
> Machine-stitched TPU casing offers exceptional touch and durability
Buy From : Amazon | Flipkart

> 26-panel design provides true and accurate ball flight.
> Machine-stitched TPU casing enhances durability.
> Butyl bladder provides strong rebound qualities and superior air retention.
> Official weight and size
Buy From : Amazon | Flipkart

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