Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rackets For Intermediates in India 2024

1) GKI Euro V > Light-weight > Durable > Rubber Sponge with High Elastic Micropore > Visually Appealing and Functionally Superior > Provides Good Control and Power The right combination of rubber and sponge makes the surface of the table tennis racquet more elastic, thereby producing more spin and bounce. Crafted with the right balance … Read more

Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rackets under ₹2000 in India 2024

These are the Top 5 Best Table tennis Racquets under ₹2000 in India 2024: 1) GKI Euro V Table Tennis Racquet 1. Good shock absorption due to the rubber sponge of high elastic micropore. 2. It has an anatomic handle. 3. Long-lasting durability. 4. Combination of elastic rubber and sponge helps in producing more spin … Read more

Top 10 Best Table Tennis Racket in India 2024| Reviews & Buying Guide

How to choose your Table Tennis Blade: A Perfect Guide   First of all, there are three primary components in a racket: 1. The Blade which is the wood part 2. Different types of Rubbers 3. Handle/ Grip   In the Blade, there are two different kinds of styles: 1. Shake hand style – 90% … Read more

Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rackets For Beginners in India 2024

1) GKI Offensive Rago > Good Spin Power > Excellent Grip and Control > Combination of Pimpled In and Pimpled Out Rubbers > Anti-effect From the Manufacturer: Combination of Pimpled in and Pimpled out Rubbers : The racquet comes with a combination of pimpled in and pimpled out rubbers to let you have a better control of … Read more

Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rackets Under ₹5000 in India 2020

These are the top 5 Best table tennis rackets under ₹5000 in India 2020: 1) GKI EURO XX > Weight: 77 g > Head Shape: Oval Shape > Covered with smooth rubbers on both sides > High grip means increased performance > Accurate shots with more control > Made with high-quality material to make it durable than … Read more