10 Best UPS for PC in India 2024

Power disruptions are quite common and can hamper the flow of work. Under present circumstances, where work from home is the only way, one cannot afford any such disturbances. So, for guaranteed power protection during all types of electrical issues like power surges, outages, spikes and voltage fluctuations. The UPS system provides an ample amount of time for you to save important data and turn off your devices properly.

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Best UPS for PC in India 2024:

1. APC Back-Ups BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W,230V, UPS System

Having a lot of electricity issues these days and can’t work from home due to power outages? APC has got the right tool to prevent your PC from shutting down often- A 660W, 230V UPS System for the ultimate power backup. It helps you to work a longer time (NOTE: at least up to 45min for one 1pc + electronic device). This product is the best solution to get rid of late submissions due to inconvenience in the power supply.


  • This line-interactive UPS has a load capacity of 660W.
  • It has five 6A Indian 2/3 pin power sockets.
  • Features surge-protected outlets
  • It has a built-in AVR technology which protects fluctuations.
  • Comes with smart battery management and ensures battery failure notification 
  • Audible alarms and LED status display.
  • Finally, it has RoHS Compliance and is BIS approved for ultimate safety. 
  • The visual indicators make it convenient for users.
  • Maintains top-notch safety standards
  • Quick charging
  • It has a lower than average warranty of 1 year.
  • High-pitched beeping noise

2. APC Back-Ups BX600C-IN 600VA / 360W, 230V, UPS System

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  • Consists of five 6A, 2/3 pin Indian power sockets out of which 4 come with battery backups and surge protection
  • Load capacity is 660W
  • Built-in AVR for convenience 
  • The wide input voltage range is between 145-290V
  • Generator compatible device
  • Comes with cold start capability 
  • Smart battery management with an early battery failure notification
  • LED display 
  • Ensures 45 minutes of backup time
  • Runs self-tests from time to time automatically to determine the condition of the battery
  • Features a compact design which is perfect for small rooms and offices
  • Works excellent with high and low power loads
  • The battery saver feature turns off the UPS after some time which can be inconvenient.
  • The fair amount of noise emitted by the fan is not at all pleasant for users.

3. APC Back-UPS Pro BR1000G-IN, 1000VA / 600W, 230V UPS System

APC, the global manufacturer of high-quality UPS and backup generators, has come up with another item which helps you to continue your work when electricity is gone. It also helps you to conserve electricity while charging the UPS at the same time. It has the capability of supporting your device during electrical surges, power outages and voltage fluctuations. The standard backup time is 45 mins.


  • It is a line-interactive UPS with a load capacity of 600 Watts.
  • Features an LCD
  • It consists of 6 India 3pin 6A output sockets out of which four have been ensured with battery backups. In contrast, the remaining 2 have surge protection outlets.
  • Has a built-in AVR and the wide input range is between 170-29V
  • It gives you more than enough time to complete your work after a power outage, approximately 45-60 mins of back up time as per the load.
  • It is also generator compatible.
  • Has audible alarms to furnish notifications of charging utility and UPS conditions
  • It is considered to be a green UPS with energy-saving features as well as programmable outlets.
  • It ensures data line surge protection.
  • Power backup on 100% charge will be 240 mins only.
  • The LED display is responsible for draining more power.

4. Artis PS-600VA 600VA Line Interactive UPS

Artis, the company which has been producing UPS for quite a few years, has brought its finest product in the market known as Artis PS-600VA Line Interactive UPS. It is compatible with a wide range of devices like PC, laptop, Wi-Fi routers etc. It gives up to 45 mins of backup time. It also has a microcontroller which ensures reliability. Use this BIS certified interactive UPS to prevent yourself from late submissions and unfinished works during load shedding.


  • It has a load capacity of 360W.
  • The UPS comes with a wide input range of 140-300V.
  • It is facilitated with a cold start and auto restart capability.
  • Works on a heavy-duty 7AH battery 
  • Functions without interruptions with the help of micro load detection 
  • Three output sockets, i.e., up to 3 devices, can be connected at a time.
  • Transfer time of 2-4 milliseconds
  • Has audible alarms as well as LED indicators
  • User-friendly interface
  • Generator compatible
  • If three devices are connected, the backup time is fairly less- 15-20mins.

5. APC Back-UPS BE700Y-IND 700VA UPS

Worried that sudden power outage will shut down your PC and interrupt with the work? Not anymore because the 700VA UPS by APC is here to save the day. It will make sure that your system continues to work fine on the grid power during low voltage. Not only that, but it will also preserve the battery at the same time for the convenience of the user. Last but not least, it will also ensure that you shut down the PC properly after being able to save all the important data.


  • Consists of audio alarms as well as a simple LED interface 
  • Three battery-backed cum sockets
  • All the sockets are surge-protected
  • Battery conservation facility with the built-in AVR (works in both high or low voltage situations)
  • Facilities are there for the user to resettle the thermal cut off for overload protection
  • Runs on 9Ah battery
  • Capable of providing more than 30 mins of backup for an all-encompassed system
  • In case the UPS battery is running low on power, an alert is automatically sent to the user to hibernate the system. However, it can be aborted as well.
  • User can also mute the unpleasant beeping sound that occurs when it runs low on power.
  • Check the condition of the device using the “Run self-test” option.
  • You have to purchase the software from a third party as it is not included with the product.

6. Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS

To provide proper protection to your computers, the Microtek Tuff power pro+ UPS is one of the greatest choices. Not only does it guarantee the reliability, but also it has a long battery life that is best known for its high-quality services. The commitment that Microtek has made to the convenience of customers shows well in this device.


  • It has a capacity of 650VA/360W.
  • For voltage stabilisation, there is a boost and buck AVR.
  • Facilities for overload and overcharge protection have been ensured.
  • It automatically restarts while the AC is recovering.  
  • The cold start function is available.
  • It is highly recommended for a wide range of items like TV, PC, laptop, Wi-Fi router etc.
  • Off-mode charging is available.
  • The power back up time varies highly from one device to the other.

7. Microtek 1000VA UPS

This high-performance UPS from Microtek will ensure the safety of your PC and other devices from sudden power outages and electrical surges. It is quite a resourceful product with an efficient power unit. Having a recharge time of a minimum of 2 hours, the UPS can take a load of a PC system for more than 50 minutes. The included electronic protection circuit of the in-built battery prevents it from getting overcharged or discharged. It is also capable of boosting function for low input.


  • In the event of a sudden overload or short circuit, the UPS automatically deactivates the power output from back up mode, to the system to prevent damages.
  • It comes with additional fuse protection.
  • The power output of 230V is quite stable and supports at least 2 PCs at one time.
  • Extended voltage input range is between 135-300.
  • Suitable for using during voltage fluctuations and spikes.
  • Comes with noise filter settings
  • It can handle adverse temperature conditions (0-48 degrees C) and works perfectly in extreme humidity (0-90%).
  • The duration of power back up, 40 to 50mins ensures convenience. It allows you to save important files and shut down the system properly.
  • It isn’t lightweight or space friendly.

8. APC Back-UPS Pro BR1500G-IN, 1500VA / 865W, 230V UPS System

It can handle adverse temperature conditions (0-48 degrees C) and works perfectly in extreme humidity (0-90%). The duration of power back up, 40 to 50mins ensures convenience. It allows you to save important files and shut down the system properly. Supporting a series of important devices like Wi-Fi routers, PCs, gaming consoles, modems and external storage devices, this APC UPS is noted for its premium services. Whether it is a sudden power surge or a short circuit, this product guarantees 100% protection. It ensures energy conservation at the same time. The built-in security and voltage customisation features contribute highly to the product’s efficiency.


  • The total load capacity is 865W.
  • Features 6 India 3pin 6A output sockets- 4 of them has sufficient battery backup, and 2 have surge protection outlets.
  • Facilitated with automatic voltage regulator
  • The input voltage range is between 170-290V.
  • Backup time is 45 mins to an hour.
  • Has an LCD
  • Timely notification of UPS power conditions with the help of audible alarms
  • The building wiring fault indicator informs the user about the potential dangers of the existing wiring circuit.
  • Green Mode Function helps to reduce the power consumption without compromising the efficiency of your device.
  • It is generator compatible.
  • Total of 4 ports is available that allows you to connect multiple devices at a time.
  • It has a sleek finish.
  • It is quite noisy, and one has to turn off the sound manually every time.
  • Despite the consistent performance, this product is not quite safe for power-sensitive devices

9. Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA (1KVA) Line Interactive UPS

This Interactive UPS by Artis is a lifesaver during power cuts and outages. It runs on heavy-duty batteries and provides a maximum backup time of 45 minutes. However, the time can vary depending upon the internal components of the devices. Manufactured from non-recycled virgin plastic, it is reliable, long-lasting and comes with LED indicators for the convenience of the users. Last but not least, this product is generator compatible.


  • The wide input range varies from 140-300V.
  • It consists of 3 output sockets for connecting up to 3 devices at one time.
  • The maximum backup time with PC, monitor and router are 30-40 mins.
  • Cold start function and AVR helps to regulate the voltage automatically.
  • It also has a microcontroller for added reliability.
  • The transfer time is superfast, approximately 2 to 4 milliseconds.
  • Recharge time is also quite convenient- up-to 90% charge within 4 hours.
  • Audible alarms are there to send important alerts to the user.
  • It can support a non-laser printer.
  • The auto-restart feature helps to start the PC directly with UPS while the main source of power is absent.
  • It works in both online and offline mode.
  • Extremely silent operation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The circuit is quite small.
  • The carry-in warranty can be quite inconvenient for the users.

10. Cyberpower Power Bu600E-In

Having the ultimate battery management technology and the best-in-class fireproof plastic housing, the Cyberpower UPS is well-known in the market for its outstanding performance. This compatible generator item is good for providing excellent protection during power outages. It also has a built-in automatic voltage regulator that enables the UPS to maintain safe power levels. It is suitable for laptops, PC, modems, Wi-Fi routers and a series of similar devices.


  • It has auto-restart as well as auto-charge features.
  • Durable battery life
  • Equipped with a configurable alarm that will let the user switch ON/OFF the audible alarms to avoid disturbance while the UPS is on battery mode
  • Fire-resistance capability to make sure that your device stays safe during a fire hazard
  • High-speed response time- 4 milliseconds
  • Lightweight and compact product with consistent performance.
  • Ensures hassle-free uninterrupted power supply.
  • The static noise is quite disturbing.
  • The battery is of custom size and cannot be easily replaced.

11. Zebronics 600 VA UPS-U725 for Desktop/Computers

Zebronics have come up with a line-interactive UPS to offer you nothing but convenience while dealing with sudden and unwanted power surges. This particular product is compatible with only desktop computers.


  • It restarts automatically while AC is recovering.
  • It protects your system from overloading.
  • It is a microcontroller-based device.
  • It also has a sleep mode charging feature.
  • LED indicators are useful to keep us informed about the charge capacity.
  • Gives you a transfer time of 4-8mins
  • It has a capacity of 600VA.
  • Built-in AVR to ensure constant output
  • The product is generator compatible.
  • It has a double boost feature that ensures better performance.
  • It gives a low time for PC backups, around 4-5mins.
  • While charging the UPS may get heated up.

Buying Guide For UPS

Before deciding on which UPS to buy, the following important factors need to be considered-

  • You need an all-in-one device that can support a wide range of items such as PCs, gaming consoles, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, TVs and many more. 
  • Always go for products that have user-replaceable batteries for easy replacement and better upgrades.
  • It must come with a building wiring fault indicator to alert you of the potential dangers and avoid an unwanted accident which can disrupt the entire system.
  • Auto-self check is important because the user needs to keep an eye on the condition of the battery.
  • In the case of voltage fluctuations, the built-in AVR technology is mandatory.
  • The UPS you buy must also be able to protect the connected loads during all types of situations like surges, spikes, short circuits etc.
  • Make sure that the product has energy conservation features. It should maximise the battery life and widen the input voltage window.
  • Early warning signals are very helpful for the user to act before it’s too late. Your UPS must have audible alarms to supply information in case a fault has been detected.


What can the user do to maintain the UPS?

The longevity of a UPS system depends mostly on its battery. Thereby, the user needs to run tests periodically and follow up on the notifications. Acting at the right time can buy you more time on the device

Is the AVR functional for all outlets?

The built-in AVR is solely for the battery/surge outlets, and it does not have the capacity of correcting the voltage on the surge-only outlets.

What type of device is not suitable for plugging in the UPS?

Devices like laser printers, space heaters, vacuums or copiers should generally be avoided because they generally exceed the standard VA/Watt ratings of a UPS.

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