Top 5 Best Skateboard in India 2020

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These are the Top 5 Best Skateboard in India 2020:

1) Strauss Bronx

> High quality carbon ball bearing for a smooth ride
> Colorful graphics on the board
> Board size: 31 x 8 inches
> Firm wooden base that won’t give way
> Excellent finish
> Durable PU Wheels
From the Manufacturer:
Skateboard is a type of sports equipment used primarily for the activity of skateboarding. Strauss brings you a quality skateboard. The all-new Strauss Bronx FT Skateboard offer quality components paired with some great quality eye-catching graphics. No average product, fitted with best inline carbon ball-bearings for a smooth and uninterrupted skateboarding.
The package, which contains one skateboard, is a top-of-the-line product from Strauss. If you are a beginner and thinking about purchasing a skateboard then you can not go wrong with this durable skateboard. The 31 inches long and 7.5 inches wide deck is covered with a stylish graphics, a firm wooden base to provide a secure footing and 5 inches wide trucks which are made of solid steel.
An evenly weighted product which makes skateboarding a fun activity and gives you a smooth ride. This skateboard comes with an artistic graphic that gives it a unique and stylish look. This high-quality skateboard will stick with you, which is very well designed aesthetically
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2) Nivia 801-S

> Lightweight and easy to ride on
> High-quality ball bearings offer a smooth ride
> Artistic graphics on board
> Dimensions: 31 x 8 inches
> Max weight : 100 KGs
From the Manufacturer:
Lightweight and Easy to Handle : Choosing a good skateboard can be quite a task and can backfire if not done in the right way. Some are good for beginners, while there are professional ones for doing the expert jumps. You need to consider the complete board with its deck and wheels before zeroing in on the right option. Nivia skateboard is a easy to handle board that’s completely comfortable even for beginners. This punk looking skate board sports a well made deck that’s lightweight and smooth. Nivia is known for making quality skateboards and is highly elemental as far as the make of this board goes.
Artistic Graphics on the Board : This good-to-ride skateboard from Nivia features artistic and iconic graphics on the board, that’s sure to make an impression while you ride on it. High-quality ball-bearings have been used for the wheels to ensure a smooth ride. It’s unique and simple skate deck design gives you a good feel under your feet. Being a traditional street board, it is versatile and apt for practice sessions and hobby gamers. Overall, its wood construction, shape, optimal size and design make it one of the best skate boards around.
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3) Jaspo Hurricane

> 7 ply maple wood skateboard with full cover grip tape across top of deck, makes it more Durable and Safe

> 4 inch nylon truck with ultra-durable deck makes the board with 396lbs/180kgs max supporting weight> Equips with ABEC-9 high speed bearing, anti-shock 85A PVC wheels and super soft PU bushings> Double kick tail concave design provides greater control, allows for wide range of tricks and easy braking, ideal for any skill level skaters

SHOCK ABSORPTION TECHNOLOGY – We made NO compromises on Safety and Comfort. You get a Solid Construction, Great Ventilation and all in a sleek matte finish. Our state of the art cycle helmet, made with reinforced skeleton and our in-mound technology, is constructed to ABSORB shock and PROTECT the head in the case of even severe accident
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4) Kamachi S

> Great combination of exercise and fun
> Totally portable
> Ideal for any skill level
> Topline construction
> High density wood deck
> PU wheels
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5) Jaspo Experts

> Board is made of high density 9 layer maple
> Max weight : 100KGs
> Precision high speed customized bearings
> Solid nylon truck
> Double row anti-shock super smooth PVC wheels
> Suitable for any skill Level skater
From the Manufacturer:
High Quality skateboards & Amazing Wheels: complete 9 layers of maple wood board feels great when doing tricks. You can make it swing and turn flexibly.
Teck Decks With Great Prop & Truck: with PU shock absorption and metal spacer, the fingerboard is sturdy and durable.
Real Fingerboards For People of All Skills Levels: fun for adults & kids. Get it and having fun with this finger board knuckle!
Double kicktail design provides greater control, allows for wide range of tricks, and easy braking.
Recommended for ages 8 years and older, supports weight up to 220 lbs(100 kgs).
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