Top 10 Best Hockey Sticks in India 2024 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Usually, what we think is buying the expensive stick will help us dominate the game. But it is not true because expensive sticks use high carbon content which makes them powerful and stiff. This stiffness makes it harder to control the ball for new players.
Less expensive hockey sticks are made with different types of material like wood, fibreglass, aramid, and they are lightweight, less powerful, and less stiff and which makes it easier to control the ball.
If you are new to this game, go for less expensive and value for money sticks, and once you understand the game, then you can increase the level of your stick just like your game.
Size of the stick:
It is an essential factor to consider before buying a stick because long sticks can be difficult to handle, and short sticks will limit your power behind the shots and passes.
There are two standard methods to find the right stick size according to your body; US Method, and the Dutch method.
And if you are confused between two lengths for example 36” or 37”, you should check your position if you are defender go for the 37” one because it will give you a more extended or longer reach. The shorter stick will provide you with better handling skill which is more important for an attacking player.
Which bow is best for you?
Mid bow – Mid bows have their peak height in the middle of the length of the stick. Mid bows make it simple to trap the ball and play; they feel like a flatter stick and tend to be easier to control. People prefer it with things like sweeping passes and making tackles because the bow shape is very uniform. Most goalkeepers go for mid bows because of its predictability, its more like plank its flatter, the curvature is drawn out over the length of the stick.
Low bow – Well the mid bows are less common because the low bow is becoming more favourable for people that want to do 3D skills, it helps you to perform aerials and getting the ball up in the air because you have got a greater loft angle and its way better for doing drag flicks. Low bows have their peak height much lower down in the stick.
Bow choices can be paramount how you perform sometimes. FIH currently have a 2.5 cm indentation limit where the peak of your bow resting on a table can only be 2.5 cm. Most top-end hockey sticks push that limit and as something very close to 2.5cm.
Size of the toe and thickness of the head:
The short toe may give you a bit of an advantage when trying to be agile but its a lot more challenging to pick a ball up on the reverse side if you are into dribbling and 3d skills which is why most players don’t favour it.
Long toe is more challenging if agility is your strong point, but it’s a bit easier to control the ball with long toe because there is more surface area for the ball to hit the stick.
If you go for a regular toe, you get the best of both worlds
Thicker sticks tend to give a little bit more sluggish feeling, less agile but have a bigger sweet spot, and hits feel softer and more controlled.
Thin sticks are more agile to play and preferred by players who are into dribbling.
Weight of the stick:
The maximum weight for the stick set by the FIH is 737 grams, and most of the players use stick between the range 538 to 623 grams.
Weight of the stick plays a vital role, and it usually depends on the playing style and position of the player.
Forwards – Attacking player use a stick with less weight because they do skills which require them to move their stick very fast.
19 – 20 ounces (approx. 540 – 565 grams)
Midfielders – A midfield player uses a mid-weight stick to get the best of both worlds because they have to work in both defensive and offensive areas.
21 ounces (approx. 595 grams)
Defence – Defenders use a stick with a heavyweight, to get that extra power to clear the ball.
22 – 24 ounces (approx. 620 – 680 grams)
The material used in making of a stick:
Back in the 19th and 20th century, all the hockey sticks were made of wood(ash, hickory or mulberry wood) and handmade by the skilled men. Still in 21st-century sticks made with wood are available in the market. But, nowadays the player prefers better quality sticks which are made of a combination of composite materials(after 1992) with the help of computers and moulds.
These composite items are fibreglass, aramid fibre and carbon fibre.
Carbon being the most expensive one helps in giving stiffness and rigidity to the stick, it gives more power to the stick and preferred by the elite players who can control the heavy sticks.
Fibreglass is good for new and developing players because of its not so high price tag and similar properties like carbon fibre. Sticks made with fibreglass are lighter in weight, flexible and provides more control because of less rigidity.
Aramid fibre is useful in absorbing vibration when the ball is received or struck and is a balanced material which is used in hockey sticks.

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These are the top 5 best Hockey Sticks in India 2024:

1) SNS PRO Tour 7500

1. Full composite outdoor stick
2. Twin core construction
3. 3K Carbon Weave for extra durability, stiffness, power and feel.
4. 70% Carbon, 25% Glassfibre and 5% Kevlar fibre content
5. An ideal stick for a player looking for a stick with a slight low bow for an all-round performance
6. Advanced control zone for better ball control
7. PU cushion grip.
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2) SNS Elite 7000

1. Full composite outdoor stick
2. Twin core construction
3. 3K Carbon Weave for extra durability, stiffness, power and feel.
4. 65% Carbon, 30% Glassfibre and 5% Kevlar fibre content.
5. Advanced control zone for better ball control.
6. PU cushion grip.
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3) Mayor Nano Carb 5.0

1. This stick is made of 50% Carbon, 45% Fibreglass & 5% Kevlar
2. All our hockey sticks conform to International Standards set by the FIH, governing body of International Hockey
3. Jum Bow
4. Anti Vibration PU Grip
5. Graphic Weave
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4) SNS Madman 4000

1. Full composite outdoor stick.
2. Twin core construction.
3. 30% Carbon, 65% Glassfibre and 5% Kevlar fibre content.
4. Late bow with 23 mm bend and Maxi head.
5. PU cushion grip.
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5. FLASH Top Gun

1. Anti-vibration- Imported P.U. Grip
2. 10% Carbon, 90 Glass fibre
3. Professionally designed and used by international players
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These are the top 5 bestseller Hockey Sticks in India 2020:

1) SUNLEY Edge

1. Edge Hockey Stick for Practice Level
2. Made up with durable wood
3. High grip
4. Hand made for optimum performance
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2) Flash Scorpio

1. Fine quality material
2. Wooden Field Hockey
3. Attractive, Durable and High Grip to use
4. Used high-quality raw materials
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3) FLASH Spider

1. Perfect finish and optimum performance
2. Material: wooden 100 per cent
3. Solid blade stick with a strong handle
4. Wooden reinforce for extra strength
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4) FLASH Scoop

1. Wooden made, it is good for common play
2. School range stick for beginners
3. Solid head, perfect finish and optimum performance
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1. Made with glass fibre and wood
2. Comes with Leather Grip 37″
3. Comes in multicolour
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