Top 10 Best Hair Dryers in India 2024

A Hair Dryer is one of our most crucial hairstyling tools, so I think its something worth researching so you will know what you are getting. So whether you are in the market for your first hair dryer or you are looking to upgrade what you currently have, this post is for you.

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These are the Top 10 Best Hair Dryers in India 2024:

1) Philips HP8232/00 Professional Thermo Protect Ionic Hair Dryer

1. Philips HP8232/00 is the Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has ThermoProtect temperature setting which protects your hair from overheat and provides you with the same airflow and results.
3. It has a 2200W motor fan which provides speed and power for styling your hair.
4. It has six heat and airflow settings.
5. It has negative ions feature which helps in break positive water molecule and dries your hair quickly.
6. It also has a cool shot button for cold air.
7. It has a 1.8-meter power cord for easy mobility and use.
8. It comes with a slim nozzle and volume diffuser which helps in drying curly hair and adds volume to flat hair.
9. It has a removable airflow filter so that you can easily clean the fan time to time to increase the durability of the product.
10. Storage hook for easy storage.
11. This Hair Dryer comes with a 2year global warranty.
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2) Havells HD3201 1500W Ionic Hair Dryer

1. Havells HD3201 is the Second-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has a 1500W motor fan for a gentle blow-dry.
3. Ionic flow which neutralizes positive ions on the hair and dries them faster than normal hair dryers.
4. Cool shot button for cold air to give a final touch to your hairs
5. It has a fixed concentrator for accurate blow-drying.
6. Heat Balance technology for unvaried heat.
7. 1.6-meter power cord.
8. Storage hook.
9. It has a 2year domestic warranty.
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3) Havells HD3151 1600W Cool Shot Hair Dryer

1. Havells HD3151 is the Third-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. 1600W motor fan which is enough power for daily use.
3. Detachable nozzle so that you can enjoy two types of airflow, concentrated and maximum.
4. Cool shot button for setting your style.
5. Heat Balance technology for stable heat which doesn’t damage your hair.
6. 1.6-meter power cord.
7. Honey comb-like air inlet so that your hair doesn’t tangle mistakenly to the dryer.
8. Storage hook.
9. It comes with a warranty for 2years.
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4) Philips HP8120/00 Hair Dryer

1. Philips HP8120/00 is the Fourth-best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has a 1200W motor fan for optimum airflow for forgiving daily hair drying.
3. ThermoProtect temperature setting is the combination of heat and airflow for ideal hair drying without overheating your hair.
4. Three preselected heat and speed settings.
5. Cool air for extra tender drying.
6. Concentrator for steady airflow.
7. Foldable handle for easy transportability and storage.
8. 2year warranty.
1. Philips HP8100/46 is the Fifth-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has a 1000W motor fan which is the minimum you can get in a Hair Dryer, it is perfect for daily hair drying.
3. Two speed settings i.e., High and Low.
4. It is the Best Selling Hair Dryer in India.
5. ThermoProtect technology for reducing the chances of hair damage due to overheating.
6. The compact design and storage hook makes it easy to store and easy to handle.
7. Slim concentrator for attentive airflow.
8. It comes with a 2-year worldwide warranty.
1. Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B is the Sixth-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has a 1000W motor fan for day to day styling and is perfect for households.
3. Heat is constant but you can increase or decrease the speed of it.
4. It has a compact design for easy handling.
5. Turbo dry function for turbo airflow and fast drying.
6. 1.8-meter power cord for easy mobility during use.
7. 24 months warranty.
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7) SYSKA HD1610  Hair Dryer

1. SYSKA HD1610 is the Seventh-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has a 1200W motor fan which is good for effective and efficient hair drying.
3. Protect your hair from damage from overheating.
4. The compact, lightweight and foldable design makes perfect for people who travel a lot.
5. 1.6-meter long power cord.
6. Two pre-selected heat and speed settings.
7. Consistent temperature and low noise.
8. 2-year warranty.
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8) Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer

1. Philips BHD006/00 is the Eighth-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has a 1600W motor fan for a fine level of hair flow for pleasing results.
3. Fixed 20mm nozzle for concentrated airflow.
4. It has a cool shot setting for a final touch after you are done styling your hair.
5. It has a 1.8-meter cord for easy flexibility while use.
6. It also has a worldwide voltage compatibility i.e 110-127 / 220-240 V.
7. It has 3 pre-selected heat and speed settings.
8. Foldable design and storage hook makes it easy for portability and storage.
1. CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional is the Ninth-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. It has a 2000W motor fan for powerful airflow and faster hair drying.
3. It has a 2-meter power cord which best is longest in its price range.
4. It comes with 2 nozzles for different styles and airflow.
5. Three heat and two-speed settings with a cool shot button.
6. Heat resistant material which do not get heated even after long use.
7. It has ionic conditioning which makes it the cheapest Blow Dryer to have it.
8. No warranty because it is an imported product.
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10) HANA Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer

1.HANA Skin Plus Professional is the Tenth-Best Hair Dryer in India.
2. 2000W motor fan for powerful hair drying.
3. It has a hot and cold feature with two-speed settings.
4. It comes with a 2-meter power cord for easy use.
5. Two detachable nozzles for concentrated airflow.
6. Overheating protection with heat resistant material.
7. No warranty as it an imported product.
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Hair Dryer: A Buyer’s Guide
So we will talk about the difference between a ₹1000 hairdryer and a more professional Hair Dryer which generally range from ₹3500 and up.
So the first feature you want to look at is:
1) Power: Power is measured in watts, and primarily higher wattage equates to a more powerful airflow. Generally in the ₹1000 Hair Dryer, probably the maximum power that you are going to find is somewhere around 1800 watts. If we compare it to a professional Hair Dryer, it has a low-speed setting of 1800 watts, and it goes up to 2200 watts for the high-speed setting. As the prices go up and up and you are looking at more high-end professional models you can see power ratings up to three thousands of watts, and it makes sense for a hair care professional who’s going to use it every day in a salon, but that’s really overkilling for a typical home user. For somebody at home, I would say go for something around 1500 to 2000 watts, and you will be in good shape.
2) Heating elements: Generally you will see two kinds of Hair Dryers, some are label as ceramic heat, and others that don’t mention it at all that means that their heating elements are metal. The main thing we should know here is that the ceramic ones heat up more evenly which results in better distribution of heat to your hair and ends up being able to dry your hair and you have less worry about hot spots that could do potential damage. And this doesn’t seem to drive the price up too much as I have seen plenty of cheaper hair dryer that does have ceramic heating.
3) Negative ions: It might sound a bit weird, but that’s to be one of the essential features that your Hair Dryer can have. It means if you are blow-drying your hair, the Hair Dryer shoots out negatively charged ions and these ions are going to react with the positively charged water molecules in your hair and the negative ions are going to help to break up those water molecules more quickly, so it’s going to dry your hair faster and it also helps to smooth out your hair cuticles. So it’s going to leave your hair with a beautiful natural shine and help to reduce frizz. Once again, it doesn’t seem to a significant price point factor as I have seen plenty ₹1000 hair dryers that have negative ion technology.
4) Speed settings: Most of the hairdryers have two-speed settings, and I have seen some hairdryers with three-speed settings too. I don’t see the point of having that as most of the hairdryer users use them on the highest speed anyway, so I don’t think this is something essential.
5) Heat setting: When you are looking at a more professional hairdryer, you are going to find three heat settings low, medium and high but in some of the budget hairdryers you might get two, and those are typically low and high. You are missing out on that medium setting which can be a bummer because most people use medium settings for daily hair drying. So If you have three heat settings, it’s going to give you the more versatility with that so you can use the high setting if you want to dry some high volume hairs. You have the medium setting for your everyday hairstyling and the lower setting, which will give you a lower volume a little bit more shine and it’s helpful if you are trying to protect your hair from heat damage.
6) Cool shot button/setting: So as the name suggests you might expect the cool shot button is going to change your hairdryer over so that it is blowing cold air. I have seen a lot of lower end blow dryers omit this feature, but I think it’s important because after finishing blow drying your hair you can use it to seal off your hair cuticles and lock your hairstyle in place.
7) Power Cord: It is the most crucial feature for the user’s safety and movement. This is the feature which you will not find in a cheap hairdryer, and they have just a thin and short piece of cord. I personally never seen a cheap blow dryer that has a power cord any longer than three feet which is very stupid because unless you have power outlet right next to your head, then you have to plug it into an extension cord, and that gets messy. So buy a hairdryer with at least 6 feet long power cord with heat resistant for your safety and easy mobility.
8) Intake cap: You will not get a removable intake cap in cheap hairdryers and what that means is the hairdryer you will buy is going to get filled up with dust and dunk. You are going to have no way to clean it and eventually, after some time, your dryer will stop working, and you will have to spend more money on buying another one. So go for something which has this feature so that you can clean your dryer time to time and use it efficiently and effectively.
9) Nozzle: Most hairdryers, whether they are cheap or professional, will come with a condenser nozzle, some come with more than one. I don’t think this thing is going to increase the price point of the product. I recommend that you should make sure that the product you buy comes with a condenser nozzle because it helps in sending the air to a direction you want otherwise the airflow will move all over the place, and it won’t be easy to control where your hair is going plus it’ll lead to more puffiness and frizziness.

10) Volume Diffuser: A diffuser is designed to disperse air through many small air holes over a larger area. The diffuser dries curly hair beautifully or adds volume to flat hair.

11) The overall quality of construction: The cheaper hairdryers feel light and chintzy. If you were to drop that thing onto a tile floor which most people have in their bathrooms while doing their hair, it might break. So buy them accordingly.
Advantage of hair dryer:
1. It dries your hair faster than the towel.
2. Smooth and shiny hair
3. It can give you the hairstyle you desire.
4. It is effortless to use
5. It is easy to store, and you can easily take it with you while travelling.
6. It straightens your hair
Disadvantages of hair dryer:
1. Excess use of hair dryer can make your hair’s moisture go away.
2. The heat coming out of the dryer dries your scalp, which ultimately means more dandruff and hair breakage.
How to correctly use Hair Dryers to reduce hair damage:
1. Avoid using hair dryer daily
2. Try to use your dryer at a temperature of less than 45 degree Celsius.
3. The minimum distance between your hairs and dryer while using the dryer should be more than 15 centimetres.
4. Use your Hair Dryer in motion, not concentrate it at a point for a long time.
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