10 Best Geyser (Water Heaters) In India 2024

Water heaters are used to ensure the supply of warm or hot water through the taps and showers. Having a water heater installed at home is quite convenient because it heats the water within minutes and spares you the extra effort of heating water manually on the stove when it is required. With winter approaching, the importance of water heaters is about to increase. 

If you don’t have one at home and are planning to make a purchase, check out the top 10 water geyser available online:

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10 Best Geyser in India 2024:

1. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Geyser

The AO Smith water heaters are known as the most energy-efficient products in the market that does not reflect upon your utility bills negatively. The outer body is made from high-quality ABS plastic while the inner tank material features a Blue diamond glass-lined tank that is corrosion resistant. Not only that, but it also comes with a safety feature that allows the thermal cut-out to eliminate power supply as soon as the water temperature exceeds the highest preset level. 


  • This is a 2000W water heater that comes with 8 pressure bars. 
  • Vertical storage water heater; it features an advanced PUF technology for saving power. Not only that, but it also ensures uniform and high-density foam distribution and maximum energy-efficiency. 
  • It has a long-lasting anode rod which is a high-quality customizes alloy that works perfectly to handle hard water. 
  • The glass-coated fold-back heating element guarantees uniform heating as well as maximum availability of hot water. 
  • The water heater also consists of an efficient inlet water diffuser to dismantle the incoming water jet into smaller streams and ensure that the flow takes place from vertical to horizontal directions. 
  • Comes with a thermostat to change the temperature settings easily. 
  • This water heater is 23% stronger than standard stainless steel and copper tanks because the Blue diamond glass lining provides twice as much corrosion resistance.
  • It does not require AH current to function properly; you can run it on normal current.
  • It is not meant for instant heating- takes up to 10 to 20 minutes to warm up the water.
  • It comes with plastic valves and not the metallic ones which would have been more durable.

2. V-Guard Victo 15 litres Water Geyser

Featuring an elegant cylindrical shape that will complement the aesthetics of your bathroom perfectly, the V-Guard Victo comes with a convenient temperature control knob that regulates the temperature efficiently and makes way for a better user experience. Along with that, an installation accessory kit of 500 INR is delivered. Product installation is taken care of by a professional of the company, completely free of charge. 


  • The inner tank of this water heater is manufactured from premium quality thick gauge steel and layered with Glass lined anti-corrosive coating for longevity.
  • The outer body is manufactured with high-quality mild steel and coated with anti-corrosive powder. 
  • It has a hi-tech thermostat as well as a thermal cutout mechanism to ensure temperature regulation. This feature also prevents overheating. 
  • There is a multifunctional valve that is meant for optimum pressure control to protect the water heater from any external or internal conditions.
  • There is a Magnesium sacrificial anode that helps to protect the inner tank from corrosion. 
  • The superior glass-lined coating helps the tank to manage the adverse effects of hard water. 
  • The sleek and stylish look of this water heater will be perfect for the sophisticated aesthetics of your bathroom.
  • It comes with strong and durable connecting pipes at no additional charge.
  • It is a BEE 5-star rated product for power conservation.
  • In cold weather, it might take almost half an hour to heat water completely.
  • The item is not meant for back to back use; there should be a time gap after one person utilizes the hot water before it can supply more.

3. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Geyser

This 10L 2000W water heater is regarded as suitable for high-rise buildings. It has a sleek powder-coated metal body along with a magnesium anode to provide added protection from corrosion and leakage. Similarly, the inner layer is made from mild steel with a glass-lined coating. The product also comes with a unique temperature indicator dial which makes it even more convenient for the user. 


  • It is a 4-star rated 2000W product that comes with 8 bars. 
  • The geyser has high pressure withstanding capacity which is perfect for high-rise buildings. 
  • The single weld sheet external metal is rust-proof and also increases the longevity of the heater. 
  • This Bajaj water heater is abided by the norms of BEE. 
  • The multiple safety systems offer excellent protection against dry heating, overheating as well as overpressure. 
  • With the Swirl Flow technology, the water is guaranteed to heat 20% faster which will also help to save energy. 
  • The product is perfect for a house of 3-4 people; back to back use is also possible.
  • It has the capacity of retaining the heat even after 12 long hours.
  • Even though installation is free of cost by Bajaj, the buyer has to bear the additional expenses of accessories.
  • The accuracy of the temperature indicator could be improved.

4. Havells Monza EC 5S 10-Litre Storage Water Geyser

The Havells Monza water heater has developed a considerable reputation in the market for being able to withstand hard water and function smoothly for years. It comes with several safety features such as overheat cut off and CFC free PUF insulation for preventing heat loss. This is a wall-mountable design that has a sturdy frame and built to last long. 


  • It features a Feroglas technology with a single weld line design.
  • The external body is engineered by ABS plastic.
  • The inner tank is extra thick superior cold steel.
  • There are heavy-duty anode rods that protect the tank from corroding.
  • The high-quality Incoloy heating element guarantees speed. 
  • The product comes with energy-conserving high-density PUF insulations.
  • It is a 2000W water heater that is delivered with a warranty card, mounting bracket, fasteners, inlet pipe and outlet pipe. 
  • It has 8 pressure bars that can withstand heavy pressure and work perfectly in high-rise buildings.
  • The Whirl-Flow technology of Havells Monza helps to avoid direct contact between cold and hot water. It also guarantees fast heating, optimized energy savings which results in 20% extra hot water output.
  • There is an efficient and adjustable knob used to set the temperature according to your convenience. It ranges from 25 degrees C to 75 degrees C.
  • The Flexi pipe is made from long-lasting stainless steel and braided for handling both hot and cold water.
  • The ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates along with the Feroglas dry powder coating technology increase the durability of the tank.
  • It has auto-power cut out feature for the prevention of overheating.
  • It can heat the water within 5-7 minutes and is good for a family of 3-4 people.
  • The temperature control knob and the arrow on it are white which makes it difficult for the user to specify the set value. If either would have been of a different colour, it would be discernable.

5. AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Geyser

The AO Smith HSE 15L water heater is quite energy-efficient and comes with convenient temperature settings for ease of use. The Blue Diamond Coated tank is corrosion-resistant and lasts longer. This is a BEE 5-star rated product that guarantees to conserve power. The durable build and shiny metal body are what make this product ideal for your bathroom. 


  • It features a sleek and stylish design- perfectly accurate for your upscale washroom.
  • The water heater consists of a glass-coated heating element which guarantees uniform heating and constant availability of hot water. 
  • This AO Smith HSE water heater is proven to be 23% stronger and more durable than traditional stainless steel or copper tanks.
  • The energy-efficient PUF technology is ideal for buyers who want to save power but yield the maximum output. 
  • The inlet water diffuser changes the flow from vertical to smaller streams in a horizontal direction.
  • The customized long-lasting anode rod protects the tank and the heating element from corrosion.
  • It comes with a thermostat for you to set the temperature and also make the heating element non-operational after the desired temperature is reached- acts as an important safety feature.
  • The product has a compact design and requires less than 2 ft. of space for installation.
  • Inlet and outlet pipes are not included; one has to purchase them separately.
  • No instant heating available- one has to wait for approximately 10-15 minutes to get hot water.

6. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Storage 15 Litre Horizontal Water Geyser

This 15L HSE-HAS water heater is well-known for countering corrosion efficiently and offering resistance to hard water. The glass thickness is increased by a double coat of glass lining to ensure better protection. The inner tank has a warranty of 7 years along with 2+2 years of extended warranty. It comes with a user manual and mounting screws. 


  • With a BEE rating of 4 stars for power saving, the water heater comes with PUF technology. 
  • It has 8 pressure bars to handle excessive water pressure. 
  • The inner tank material is lined with Blue diamond glass to offer 2X protection against corrosion. The outer body metal body also rust-proof. 
  • For preventing scale formation and increasing the longevity of the heating element, it has been coated with glass.
  • There are a multifunctional safety valve and thermal cut-out feature to prevent overheating and provide protection in case of any mishap.
  • The customized alloy of the long-lasting anode rod works perfectly fine to handle hard water conditions as well.
  • It conducts a noisy operation which can be quite inconvenient for the users.

7. Racold Pronto Stylo 3 Litres 3Kw Vertical Water Geyser

Being the first-ever water heater brand in India to win the Energy Conservation Award from BEE consecutively 7 times, Racold Pronto is all you need for your bathroom. It features an attractive Italian design with a rust-proof external body that ensures longevity. To cater to the 21st-century fast life, this Racold water heater is equipped with a faster heating and high-pressure resistant technology which also makes it perfect for high-rise buildings. 


  • This is a 3000W geyser that offers high-pressure resistance and therefore, compatible for high rise buildings. 
  • It has a high-power heating element that guarantees instant heating of water. 
  • There is a stem type thermostat along with a thermal cut-out feature that guarantees safe regulation of temperature.
  • The PUF insulation helps to retain the heat and temperature, thus contributing to energy conservation. 
  • The backflow of water is prevented with the help of the Anti-syphoning system which also helps to avoid dry heating.
  • The anti-corrosion coating of the external surface will extend the durability.
  • The geyser does not guarantee a continuous supply of hot water i.e. it is not suitable for back to back use.

8. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Geyser

The Bajaj Flora with its efficient and long-lasting heating element will provide you with the best service for long. Not only that, but it is an ISI approved model that comes with several safety features. The corrosion-proof thermoplastic external body is long-lasting. Last but not least, if you want instant heating, this is the perfect water heater for you. 


  • This Bajaj Flora product is a 3000W water heater that consists of 8 pressure bars to withstand high-pressure conditions.
  • The thermoplastic outer body material is made from high-quality ABS plastic. It is rust-free and corrosion-free.
  • It guarantees instant heating.
  • The fire-retardant cable protects the device in case there is a fire.
  • It comes with neon indicators that help to determine whether the water has been heated or not.
  • The Bajaj Flora has multiple safety operations for prevention of dry heating, overheating and overpressure.
  • It comes with all the mounting accessories required for installation.
  • Since it is of 3 litres capacity, it needs to be refilled thrice or four times a day.

9. Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Geyser

Crompton has a brand legacy of more than 75 years. Their all-new 3L water heater is manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic. There is a 3000W copper heating element that speeds up the process of heating. The variety of safety features offered by Crompton Bliss also deserves special mention here. 


  • It features an elegant and sleek design and is extremely lightweight (3.5kg).
  • There is a 6.5 bar pressure that can withstand high pressure in high-rise buildings.
  • The stainless-steel tank can retain heat which also enhances the efficiency and quality of performance. 
  • It comes with anti-siphon protection that protects the heating element against dry heating damage. Not only that, but it also prevents backflow of water.
  • The thermal cut-out can be reset by pre-setting the thermostatic knob to ensure double safety. This also helps to protect against voltage fluctuations and power outages.
  • There are LED indicators to notify when the water is hot enough for usage.
  • There is also a special type copper heating element that ensures spot-heating.
  • It is an ISI marked product that guarantees smooth functioning for several years.
  • The inlet and outlet pipes along with connectors and plugs need to be purchased separately.
  • The installation process is quite hectic and also requires drilling in the wall.

10. Crompton Amica ASWH-2010 10-L Storage Water Geyser

The energy-efficient Crompton Amica will be a brilliant new addition to your bathroom. Also known as the tank type, the storage water heater’s tank is insulated so that the inner water is kept warm enough. There is a thermostat for controlling temperature as well. The polymer-coated tank is resistant to corrosion and provides better efficiency. 


  • The water heater has a 5-star rating for saving power and going easy on the utility bills.
  • It comes with a powerful and premium quality copper heating element for A-class performance.
  • The geyser features a superior polymer coated tank with a nano poly bond technology that offers excellent resistance against corrosion and oxidation under high-temperature conditions too.
  • Comes with a pre-set thermal cut-out safety feature
  • The magnesium anode is also corrosion-resistant so that it lasts longer.
  • It has 8 bar pressure and thus suitable for high-rise buildings. 
  • The smart design is equipped with smart energy management capacity. 
  • The high-quality Insitu PUF foam ensures high heat retention and does not reflect poorly on your electricity bills. 
  • It heats the water within minutes for long-term use.
  • The water heater has a capacity of 25Litres which is perfect for back to back use.
  • Although it is deemed as energy-efficient, the utility bills can depend on your heat settings.
  • Installation is not free of charge from the company.


Q. What is the ideal temperature to set in the water heater?

It depends on the temperature conditions but an average, the ideal temperature is considered at 120 degrees Fahrenheit (medium in thermostat). You can also increase the temperature depending on the climatic conditions of your region but don’t go for extreme or high heat because it may lead to scalding. 

Q. How to conserve the heated water?

A. Schedule water heating maintenance from time to time so that the sediment build-up is removed and it functions properly for long. You can also go for low flow showerheads and save money by cutting back on the usage.

Q. How many hours a day can you run the water heater?

A. Typically, a 4000W heater has been designed to run for 3-5 hours but the ones with instant heating features should not run for more than an hour a day.

Buying Guide for Water Heaters

Water heaters are indispensable for bathrooms these days. To stay one step ahead of the ever-changing dynamics of the climate, you must always be prepared. While purchasing a water heater, several questions may surface. Here is a detailed buying guide to help you choose the right product for your heating requirements:


Storage Water Heaters: These are the most commonly preferred options at present for domestic purposes. The insulated storage tank is installed inside the appliance and hence the name. Even without electricity, these storage water heaters can store the hot water for a significant amount of time. 

Instant Water Heaters: These high-powered appliances are preferred if you want to save time i.e., they are designed to heat the water instantly. They are quite compact and thus perfect for kitchens or small bathrooms. 

Solar Water Heaters: If you want to go green and prefer sustainability over anything, this is the ideal option for you. With the help of a solar thermal collector, renewable solar energy is converted into heat by the device. Needless to say, they go quite easy on your monthly utility bills. 

Gas Water Heaters: These water heaters run on LPG by getting supply through gas pipelines or cylinders. They are light-weight, cost-effective and quite energy-efficient. 

Immersion Heater Rods: Immersion heater rods are used for quick heating. Since it is not an entire appliance, the problem of storing them can also be ruled out. Immersion rods are quite convenient and come with an indicator light for safe operation. 


The capacity of your water heater must depend on the number of members in a house which will determine your daily water requirement. For instance, if 2 people are going to share the bathroom, the capacity of your water heater must range between 6-10L. Similarly, if it is 3-4 people per bathroom in a cold climatic condition, go for a 15-35L water heater. 


Of course, no one is interested to raise the electricity or utility bills at the end of the month. Therefore, it is evident that an energy-efficient geyser is far more convenient. Check the Energy star rating before confirming purchase- more the rating, more energy-efficient it is. 


Especially for high rise buildings, pressure pump application for water heaters is an absolute requirement. Being exposed to high water pressure, there is a high chance of leakage. That is why pressure pump compatibility is extremely important so that the water heater can handle the withstanding capacity. 


These are located at the base of the water heater. Don’t choose plastic drain valves because they are not durable. Brass drain valves are a lot more efficient and last longer than plastic. 


Warranty coverage for water heaters ranges from 3 to 12 years. Extensions are also available at additional costs. The longer-warranty models are a better option. 

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