Top 5 Best Deodorants Under Rs 300 In India

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1) KamaSutra Spark Deodorant Spray – 150 ml
  • Long Hours of Freshness
  • Spicy and Sizzling Fragrance of Spark
  • Defense against Body Odour

Ignite the spark of desire and get popular with the ladies with this irresistibly masculine KamaSutra Spark Deodorant Spray that keeps you feeling fresh.
Spicy and Sizzling fragrance of Spark
The perfectly spicy and sizzling fragrance of the Spark Deodorant Spray is sure to get you noticed wherever you go.
Defense against Body Odour
This sensual Deodorant Spray protects you from body odour for a clean and fresh feel even at the end of the day.
Long Hours of Freshness
The effective fragrance lasts for hours and hours and keeps you feeling revitalised and energised.
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2) David Beckham Intimately Yours Deodorant Spray
  • Stimulating Top Notes Ice Lemon and Crushed Leaf
  • Solid Yet Delicate Whiff which Remains Throughout
  • Inviting Aromas
An iconic deodorant from David Beckham’s signature style is here to mesmerise those around you with its exotic aura.
Inviting Aromas
Wear Intimately Yours Deodorant Spray and be a real head turner as the inviting aromas will definitely impress all and get you noticed.
Solid Yet Delicate Whiff Which Remains Throughout
Leave a trail of the sensual masculine scent that has a solid yet delicate whiff that remains throughout and refreshes your day.
Stimulating Top Notes Ice Lemon and Crushed Leaf
The stimulating top notes of ice lemon and crushed leaf spell the invigorating persona of the chic and elegant men.
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3) Nike Blue Wave Deodorant Spray
  • Soothing and Powerful Scent
  • Touch of Masculine Sophistication to Aroma
  • Gentle Yet Feisty
  • Mix of Lavender, Rosemary and Pistachio Fragrance
Nike 150 Blue Wave is an aroma reminiscent of the cool, fresh and breezy beach in winter; for every man who loves to take the sea on a challenge to feel energized, this deodorant will deliver the best challenge.
Gentle Yet Feisty
The delicate aquatic scent will wrap you in freshness but don’t assume it would fade away soon; the formula is feisty enough to last you a day and serve the purpose of energizing at all times.
Soothing and Powerful Scent
Like the visual treat of an ocean soothes you, this deodorant calms your nerves but is powerful enough to fight body odor and present a cool aroma.
Touch of Masculine Sophistication to the Aroma
Underlining all the cool aquatic notes is the intense masculine touch, to keep refined tastes of men pampered.
Mix of Lavender, Rosemary and Pistachio Fragrance
Like the rush of a chill breeze, the deodorant brings out freshness in the form of a fragrance blend comprising lavender, rosemary and pistachio.
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 4) Park Avenue Zing Fragrant Deodorant Spray
  • Floral and Acquatic Scent
  • Elegant and Masculine Fragrance
Flaunt the true masculinity within yourself and work towards a better tomorrow as the refreshing fruity fragrance of the Park Avenue Zing Fragrant Deodorant Spray energizes your mind.
Floral and Aquatic Scent
From the signature range from Park Avenue the deodorant unfolds the hidden qualities in you with its floral and aquatic fragrance.
Elegant and Masculine Fragrance
The deodorant has a masculine fragrance that is a trademark of an elegant gentleman.
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5) Tonino Lamborghini Forza Deodorant Spray
From the luxury house of Tonino Lamborghini, luminous notes of the choicest of ingredients come together to create a masterpiece that is Forza Deo Spray. Made for the man who likes to be the hero who is very helpful and the saviour of every soul around, the mass premium spreads its redolence around him making you inhale deeply in the fragrance of his deeply masculine, driven and focussed. The deodorant spray comes in a blue flacon with a black stopper that makes it easier to use and convenient enough to fit seamlessly into your fast paced lifestyle. Blend into the elegant notes of Tonino Lamborghini Forza Deo Spray and waltz the night away in the wafting fragrance.
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