Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in India 2024 | Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are a cricketer or a fan of cricket then you should have heard about the “English willow” and “Kashmiri willow” bats.
What is a willow?
A) A tree or shrub of temperate climates which typically has narrow leaves, bears catkins, and grows near water. Its pliant branches yield osiers for basketry, and the timber is traditionally used to make cricket bats.

Kashmiri Willow Vs English Willow:

Country of origin
From Kashmir, India
From England
No. of grains
Less Expensive
Used by
Maintenance cost

Which bat you should buy?
A) It depends on the level of the player, if you are a professional player and plays in the academy then you should go for the English Willow bat. And if you are a beginner or a street player then you should go for the Kashmir Willow bat as they are less expensive.

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These are the top 10 best cricket bats in India 2024:

1) SG Max Cover Kashmir Willow

> Most economical Kashmir Willow Bat
> Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots
> Fabric covered for extra durability
> The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control
> The bat is covered in grain faced bat tape which gives it a smooth finish and a stylish look
> Comes with fabric covered for extra durability and full-length bat cover

From the Manufacturer:

About SG: T20. Power play. Pinch hitters. Cricket is changing and quick. Astride with this change, SG – India’s largest and most trusted cricket gear manufacturer – has a new face-vibrant, youthful and energetic. And yet, with the promise of the same world-class quality in these changing times. At SG, believing is the first step…towards becoming!
Product Details: What is a Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat?
Kashmir willow is mainly grown in the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India (hence the name). As a result of its location and lesser properties, its main use is for junior or adults bats at the lower end of the price scale. Kashmir willow bat is a close cousin of English willow. This willow tends to be darker and drier and as a consequence is rarely durable. The grading system for Kashmir willow is not as rigorous as in English willow.
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2) SS Magnum English Willow

> Round Handle
> Specially designed Aqua Grip with Embossed Sunridge
> Combination of Sarawak cane Handle
> Concave Edge
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3) SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow

> Made from budget priced Kashmir Willow
> Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots
> Thick edges and curved blade for powerful stroke play
> Comes with fabric covered on back and front grains tape

From the Manufacturer:

SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is made from fine quality material Kashmir willow which provides you durable performance and stability. SG RSD Spark Kashmir bat come with imported Sarawak cane handle that will provide you good pick up and great control.
This bat Edge profile is around 40 mm. With 40 mm edge and flat face, which provide extra power on shots. SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat comes with full-length bat cover.
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4) GM Sting Kashmir Willow

> Made from top quality Kashmir willow
> Traditionally shaped & styled from maximum stability & power while playing shots
> Designed to compliment your game with explosive power
> Ready to play : covered for immediate use & durability
> Handcrafted by master craftsmen Massive edges and exquisite balance
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5) DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow

> Made from top quality Select Kashmir Willow
> Crosswave tape on edges for added protection
> Nice pick up
> Made by Master Craftsmen
> More pronounced bow
> Superb maneuverability.
> Extended Power Zone from mid to lower
> Monstrous hitting area
> Clear tape on the face
> Toe guard for moisture protection at the base

From the Manufacturer:

The ultra-precise Intense lets you be fearless with your shots. Intense’s design combines thick edges with subtle concaving through its body to feel as light in the hand as it is through the air. Its high-quality treble-sprung handle allows for added touch and finesse, while the lighter bat speed helps with accuracy and maneuverability. The range also comes with DSC’s innovative ENERGY PROFILE. This unique feature transfers more energy to the ball upon impact, and Intense’s ENERGY PROFILE II means extra zip when placing your shots. It has a low sweet spot, perfect for subcontinental pitches. And every bat also comes fitted with a toughened toe guard for extra protection and durability. From high-grade English Willow bats through to Kashmir Willow, the entire range is handcrafted for excellence and superior performance so you can be ready to strike from the very first delivery.
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6) SG Phoenix Extreme Kashmir Willow

> Made from budget priced Kashmir Willow
> Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots
> Comes with a grain faced bat tape & full-length bat cover
> Thick edges and curved blade
> Full-length bat cover with adjustable strap
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7) Kookaburra Kahuna 150 English Willow

> Powerful Dominating Strokemake

> The High Spine and Massive Edges give this bat a huge hitting area
> Dynamic Power Shaped Face Naturally Air Dried
> Hand Crafted for optimum Power to Pick Up ratio

From the Manufacturer:
This bat is developed for intermediate Cricket players. Kahuna Series is endorsed by Brad Haddin (Professional player), Martin Guptill and AB De Villiers. This bat has developed with grade 2 English Willow with naturally dried technique. Kookaburra used flat face in this bat which generates maximum power on shots. It’s mid sweet spot position cricket bat which gives lightweight bat feel. Spine profile is 64 mm from the baseline while edge thickness is around 36 to 40 mm. Kahuna 150 cricket bat top selling bats in its category. It is most popular because of its profile, willow quality, and unique bat shape. Bat is equipped with kookaburra big edge concept which enables maximum edge profile near to sweet spot area to improve the overall performance of the cricket bat. Kahuna 150 is developed with 12 piece cane handle with rubber laminated technique which gives best in class bat performance. Overall, Kahuna 150 is a nice bat for those who want to dominate in the game with a nice piece of willow at an economical price range
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> Ergonomically shaped and styled for good balance and stroke play
> Handle made from premium imported Singapore cane to deliver superior power and control
> Good quality Kashmir willow bat
> Thick edges and curved blade, ergonomically shaped and styled for good balance and stroke play
From The Manufacturer:
New Balance DC 480 Kashmir Willow Cricket bat is developed with Grade 3 Kashmir willow and player will get 5-7 grains. This cricket bat is suitable for advanced level of cricket players. The bat is equipped with 9 Piece Sarawak Cane Round to Handle for strength and flexibility. The handle comes with an octopus grip giving you a stronger hold and feel when you grip the bat in your hand with your gloves on. It is a mid sweet spot positioned bat with big edge (40 to 42 mm).
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> Premium Kashmir willow
> Long lasting durability
> Optimum performance
> Traditional shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots
> Imported Sarawak cane made from imported Sarawak cane which provides you flexibility and good control
> Scale grip for a superior sense of control
From the Manufacturer:
SG Cobra Gold Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is made of premium Kashmir willow which provides you long lasting durability with optimum performance. SG Cobra Gold Bat is the Aggressor Series of SG Cricket endorsed by Suresh Raina. This cricket bat has traditional shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots.
Edge profile of bat is around 40 mm. With 40 mm edge and flat face, they can get destructive power on shots.
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> Excellent grip and flexibility
> Thick edges and curved blade
> Large sweet spot
> Flat face profile which will give you to play the shot easily in all side of the ground

From the Manufacturer:

GM Six Bullet Cricket Bat comes with flat face profile which will give you to play the shot easily in all side of the ground. This cricket bat handle will provide you excellent grip and flexibility. Its thick edges and curved blade that will give you powerful performance. Its thickness is 38 to 40mm. It is equipped with a large sweet spot by which player can easily play long hits, the big sweet spot also helps in better placement shots. Enlarge sweet spot is designed to give you maximum power to cricket shots.
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