Top 5 Best Basketballs in India 2024 | Guide & Reviews

Features to consider while choosing a Basketball

The first feature is size:

There are three standard sizes in competitive play, which size you choose is going to be determined by your age, gender and league.
1) Most men leagues use a size 7 ball which has a circumference of 29 and a half inches
2) Women and many youth intermediate leagues use a size 6 ball which is a little bit smaller at the 28.5-inch circumference
3) The size 5 basketball is typically for children under the age of 9 and has a circumference of 27.5 inches
4) And nowadays size 4 ball is into the market for children between the age of 5-8 and has a circumference of 25.5 inches

The second feature you are going to consider is material:

1) Leather basketballs are soft and supple and offer a boost in control even when your palms are sweaty, leather balls are made to maintain a high-level grip, and because of this, they are going to have a higher price point. Keep leather basketballs indoors to avoid wearing down their finish, also they are going to require a little bit of break-in before use.

2) Synthetic balls don’t need to be broken in before use, these are highly durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors but don’t provide the same soft feel and spin-off at the backboard that a leather ball provides

3) Rubber basketball is generally best on outdoor courts and is designed for beginners and recreational play, they can offer extra durability and bounce and often come in at a lower price point.

If you are trying to train a specific skillset on your own, you may benefit from training basketball these often have unique traits like markers for hand placement designed to help your shooting technique, some are weighted to help build strength and ball-handling skills. There are even basketballs that have smart technologies syncing with your phone and tracking your progress. 

Lastly, take a moment to consider a colour too – most basketballs have that classic burnt orange hue that most leagues require.
Other multi-coloured options are available, and they are about style rather than a function if you are looking for a ball for competitive play, be sure to check with your team for more guidelines.

Now dominate the court!

Table of Contents

These are the top 5 best Basketballs in India 2024:

1) Cosco Dribble

1. Recommended for Training
2. Material – Rubber
3. Winding: Nylon winding
4. Weight: 580-650 gms
5. Circumference: 69.85 cms
6. Bladder: Butyl
7. Construction: Moulded
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2) Nivia Engraver

1. 14 panels moulded construction
2. Soft rubberized moulded material
3. Ideal Match Ball
4. All-weather resistance
5. Weight & size adhere to official game norms
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3) Spalding NBA Rebound

1. Circumference x : 75 – 78 cm
2. Weight: 565-650 g
3. Age Category: 12 years and older
4. Composition: Rubber
5. Ultra-Durability
6. Superior Grip
7. Wide Channel Design
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4) Solimo Basketball 14-Panel

1. Basketball size: 7
2. Rubber bladder to prevent loss of pressure & keeping the ball inflated for longer
3. External surface made from rubber provides a good grip & bounce
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5) Nivia Europa

1. 8 panels stitched construction
2. Rubberized moulded material
3. Suitable for hard surface, wooden flooring and indoor synthetic surface
4. Ideal for hobby play

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