5 Best Badminton Shoes in India 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Things to consider while purchasing Badminton shoes:

1. Soft Inside: The inside of the shoe has to be soft, especially the edges, so that when you stop it pushes your feet and not gives you bruises.
2. Ankle Support: Badminton is all about twisting, turning, and constant change of direction. So it protects you from a badly sprained ankle.
3. Well Ventilated: The shoe has to be well ventilated to increase the air circulation inside the shoe and proper working of the cushion.
4. Lightweight: The shoe has to be light in weight so that you can move and jump easily on the court.
5. Grip: It should have good anti-marking grip so that it doesn’t mark the court and provide the grip you wanted and give 100% to the game.
6. Cushion: It should have a good cushion for comfort and shock absorption so that the shoe doesn’t bother while playing a game.

These are the top 5 best badminton shoes in India 2020:

1. It has a Tru Shape which provides stability in forefoot and toe areas.
2. It has a Tru Cushion which is shock absorption and so that the sole retain its shape for long.
3. It has a high-quality Russel Mesh which is lightweight, durable.
4. It has a carbon sheet which reduces the chances of shoe twist.
5. It has a hexagrip which provides good grip and is lighter than other sole material.
6. It has a round sole for quick movement.
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2) Nivia Appeal Badminton Shoes

1. It has a soft cushioned tongue and ankle.
2. It has textured outsole with patterned grooves and lugs for good grip.
3. It has reinforced heel collar, soft and padded footbed, overlay detail.
4. It has a cushion which absorbs shock.
5. It has an asymmetrical fit for support and stability and great footwork.
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3) Yonex Super Ace Light

1. It has a power cushion which absorbs the shock.
2. It has round sole to provide all-round support for quick and smooth footwork.
3. It is ergo-shaped which provide more comfort and stability in forefoot and toe areas.
4. It also has a hexagrip for stable footwork and good grip.
5. It has a high-quality Russel Mesh which is lightweight, durable.

4) Yonex SHB 30EX

1. This is an all-round badminton shoe.
2. It is gentle on feet and joints with good grip.
3. It is an excellent choice for beginners and casual players
4. It has power cushion insole for shock absorption
5. It has improved ventilation for a comfortable wear

5) Nivia Smash Badminton Shoes

1. Its outer material is of made of mesh and PVC synthetic leather with solid and striped heel printing.
2. It has a rubber sole for comfort and durability.
3. It has a cushioned ankle to reduce injuries.
4. It has a hard and textured footbed for smooth footwork.
5. It has a mesh which is comfortable and durable.

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