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5 Best Tennis Shoes in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

The first thing is the difference that a tennis shoe gives you compared to other shoes on the market:
Tennis shoes are very good at giving you lateral support and one of the main ways that players move on a tennis court is side to side, there is much less chance of rolling your ankle wearing tennis shoes compared to running shoe which will only support you moving front and back in the style of a runner.

There are different shoes for different types of court in tennis:

1. Grass Court Shoes

The main aspects of a grass court shoe are traction. Grass court shoe gives you really good traction on the court, it stops you from slipping around, the grass court can get a little bit slippery when

Thursday, 16 May 2019

5 Best Badminton Shoes in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Things to consider while purchasing Badminton shoes:

1. Soft Inside: The inside of the shoe has to be soft, especially the edges, so that when you stop it pushes your feet and not gives you bruises.
2. Ankle Support: Badminton is all about twisting, turning, and constant change of direction. So it protects you from a badly sprained ankle.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

5 Best Rucksacks in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Beas River, Manali

Q - What capacity of the Rucksack should you go for?

Trip length - are you going out for an overnighter or for a week or more.
Weekend (1–3 nights; 35–50 liters) 
Efficient packers using newer, less-bulky gear can really keep things light on 1- to 3-night trips by using a pack in this range. fantastic use for weekend trips. 

Multi-day (3–5 nights; 50–70 liters) 
These are the most popular backpacking packs sold in India, and they’re an excellent choice for warm-weather trips lasting 3 or more days. 50–80 liter packs are also used for extended weekend trips. There would have more compartments to carrying accessories like binoculars, camera, ,map, Books, torch etc.

Top 5 Best Badminton Racket Under ₹5000 in India 2019 - Reviews & Buying Guide

How to Choose a Badminton Racket

The things to be considered when choosing the racket is:

1. Weight

2. Balance

3. Shaft Flexibility

Before considering what type of racket to buy, first consider what type of player you are because every one of the rackets is unique, no two rackets are the same in weight, balance and flexibility, a racket with more flex means more power but a little less control with stiffer shaft you supply less power but the racket helps to control the shot with a medium flex you get a good balance of two.

Heavy racket helps the shuttle to travel further if you can generate the head-speed if you lack the strength but have a steady stroke then a head-heavy or an even balance racket with a flexible shaft would be good for you.

A medium balance racket truly is the best of both worlds
head light feels great if you are on the weaker you can accelerate this type of racket more easily combine this with a medium or stiff and you have more control and head speed.

4. Material

Graphite is less expensive than carbon-fibre so if you are a beginner or an amateur player you should buy the racket made of graphite, and if you are playing professionally or in any club then you should go for the carbon-fibre racket which is light as a feather and aerodynamic.

5. String tension

String tension is the most important factor as it affects the game very much, so majorly lower string tension is used by the beginner or amateur players because it generates more power without a good hit and on the other hand, professional players use higher string tensions because they need more control and have a good hitting technique.

6. Grip

Beginner or professional it is totally based on the player which type of grip he/she like, whether a small grip or large grip and size of the grip so that they can maintain the hold of the racket in high-quality games.

These are the top 5 best badminton racket under ₹5000 in India 2019:

1) Yonex Voltric 10DG

Monday, 13 May 2019

Top 5 Best Footballs Under ₹1000 in India 2019

Today we are talking about how to choose a soccer ball/football

There is a wide range of options to choose from, so let's get right into it:-
The first thing to note is the difference between match balls and training balls - Matchballs follow the official size, weight and shape regulations and are designed for gameplay and on the other hand Training balls often have a lot more variety and are built with durability in mind they are used primarily in practice or recreational play.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Top 5 Best Trekking Shoes in India 2019 - Buying Guide

Beas Kund, Manali Trek

How to choose the right trekking shoes?

There are 4 things you have to keep in mind before buying a trekking shoe:

1. Good grip:

Make sure your shoe has a good grip. Now you can take a look at the following shoe for example:- there are deep grooves in the sole that shows the shoe will probably save you from slipping in mountain trail or big boulders.

2. Softness and Flexibility:

You need a certain softness in your sole because you will be walking on different kinds of terrain and your shoe need to adapt to the terrain, so you need softness and flexibility in the sole. Now how do you check for that? Take something such as a key or you just need a hard metal and just tap on the sole and listen to the noise, now the sound that it makes should be dull so that it gives you an idea how soft it is if its too hard your shoes are not going to work.

3. Ankle Support:

Probably the most important thing is ankle support, now a lot of running shoes and sports shoes come with good grip and flexibility but what they lack is ankle support now in Himalayas you will be walking on rough terrain, climbing up and down where your ankle is prone to twisting in unusual angles an that's when your trek would end really so you don't want that to happen and you want good ankle support, so make sure you get good trekking shoes.

4. Water Resistant:

Make sure your shoe is water resistant an added layer of either leather or rexine will help because if you step into a puddle for 3 or 4 seconds then your shoe should not get wet as it won't let water seep through, so water resistance is important Also make sure its not waterproof, then your feet won't be able to breathe and it will get really sweaty and stinky and your trek mates will not let you inside your tent.

These are the top 5 best trekking shoes in India 2019:

1. It has a lace-up closure for perfect fitting.
2. It has Oil, Stain and Water Resistant Upper
3. It has Anti-slip and durable sole which provide good grip on the ground
4. It has ankle support for anti-fatigue comfort
5. Its inner material is made of no odour material so that you can wear it for longer hours.
6. The shoes can be worn on day trips, trekking and outings with casuals.
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2) Wildcraft Outdoors

1. It has a lace-up closure for perfect fitting.
2. It is a multicolour shoe.
3. It has a 1 inch Heel height.
4. Its outer material is made of synthetic leather.
5. It has a rubber sole for the grip.
6. It is a water-resistant shoe.
7. It can be used as a casual shoe.

3) Wildcraft Trekking Shoes

1. It has a lace-up closure for perfect fitting.
2. It has ankle support for anti-fatigue comfort
3. Its outer material is made of Suede, Mesh.
4. Its inner material is made of EVA.
5. It has a 1 inch Heel height.
6. It is a water-resistant shoe.
7. It has a rubber sole for the grip.
8. Its weight is 480g per shoe.


1. It has a lace-up closure for perfect fitting.
2. Its outer material is made of leather.
3. Its inner material is made of Super High Traction Rubber for optimal grip in wet conditions
4. It has a rubber sole for the grip.
5. It has an EVA midsole for long term cushioning
6. Its weight is 389g per shoe.

5) Campus TREK

1. It has a lace-up closure for perfect fitting.
2. Its outer material is made of synthetic leather.
3. It has a 2 inch Heel height.
4. It is a water-resistant shoe.
5. It has an EVA sole.
6. It has semi ankle support.
7. Its weight is 405g per shoe.

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Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under ₹2000 in India 2019

These are the top 5 best mixer grinders under ₹2000 in India 2019:

1) Bajaj Rex 500W

1. Its motor power is 500 watts.
2. It comes with 3 stainless steel jars for liquidizing, wet/dry grinding and chutney making.
3. It has 3-speed control and incher for smooth operation.
4. It has multifunction blades for easy blending and grinding.
5. It has rust proof and highly durable body.
6. It has motor overload protection that instantly turns off the grinder when overloaded.
7. It also comes with vacuum feet for ease of operation.
8. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the Product.
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Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under ₹500 in India 2019

These are the top 5 best gaming mouse U\under ₹500 in India 2019:

1) Dragon War ELE-G11

> 6 buttons to simplify in-game actions
> Up to 3200 DPI with 4 levels DPI switch
> Ergonomic design for professional gamers
> Designed ergonomically to offer extra comfort and reduce the strain
> Pinpoint Tracking precision helps isolate the target using the laser beams to attain the highest scores in the game
> 1.8 meters long cord which has a braided fiber cable, and a gold-plated USB connector

This Gaming Mouse will include more art and dexterity for a gaming experience, in addition, to give you outstanding control and precision to be successful in battle. Whether your personalities really are flying across the screen or you're honing into your goal, this mouse responds right to your hand motions to give you an advantage in the gambling arena.
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Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Under ₹1500 in India 2019

Are you searching for the best gaming mouse under 1500 in India? If yes, then you are in the right place because this post exactly tells you that.

These are the top 5 best gaming mouse under ₹1500 in India 2019:

1) Logitech G102

> 200DPI to 6000DPI adjustable optical sensor
> 16.8m LED colour customizing
> USB connectivity with a 2m long cable and 1000Hz polling rate
> Delivers incredible accuracy, tracking speed and consistency
> Designed for versatility, durability and comfort for everyday use
> 8 times faster than standard mice
> Exceptional click feel, response and consistency
> Onboard memory on the mouse
> 6 buttons to simplify in-game actions

A high profile, sleek, and quick reactive computer mouse can enhance your gaming abilities radically, also if you're searching for an efficient means to ace on your favourite games then get your self this Mouse. This computer accessory comes with a Gaming-grade Sensor, both the LIGHTSYNC technologies and Six Programmable Buttons for uninterrupted and fast gaming.
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Top 5 Best Table Tennis Racket Under ₹2500 in India 2019

I was a Table Tennis player of State level. So when I was trying to find best table tennis bat/racket for me to practice, it was very difficult for me to find which brand is best, which type of TT bat I wanted like Attack, Defensive, Offensive, All-rounder, etc.

After a lot of research, I found the best table tennis rackets in India. So, here I am presenting in front of you the list of best TT bats under 2500 to buy in India.

How to choose your Table Tennis Blade: A Perfect Guide

In this website, I will explain the whole manual on dining table tennis bat selection procedure to choose the one which's most appropriate for your type of play.

Blade Thickness: Blade thickness is a significant element of racket since it affects the game speed, playing style.  It's a rule which says that more layers of the blade provide more rigid configuration as compare to Fewer numbers of layers.  The Same principle applies to TT racket Blade. It means if TT racket is still having more plies then it will end up stiff which will be suitable for the player looking for more Drives and blocking.  Less number of plies will provide you more flex (As it provides trampoline effect) and appropriate for looping.  So thinner blade (bigger than 6 mm) - TT Blade are all acceptable for looping game and moderate blade (6 to7 mm thickness) are acceptable for drives and whereas thick blade (More than 7 mm) will probably be suitable for blocking.  So depending on your playing style you will need to pick the racket blade for you without any doubt.

Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rackets Under ₹5000 in India 2019

These are the top 5 Best table tennis rackets under ₹5000 in India 2019:


> Weight: 77 g
> Head Shape: Oval Shape
> Covered with smooth rubbers on both sides
> High grip means increased performance
> Accurate shots with more control
> Made with high-quality material to make it durable than racquets of the same price range
> Powerful smashes
> Strong 5 ply blade with comfortable flared handle
> ITTF Approved

Constructed from High-Quality Material: GKI has constructed the racquet from high-quality materials to ensure lasting durability.

The blade is Covered with Smooth Rubbers on Both Sides: The blade is covered with smooth rubbers on both sides that absorbs shocks effectively and allows you to make accurate shots with more control.

Features Flared Handle Providing High Grip: The flared handle provides all players with a high grip thereby increasing your performance levels.
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Top 10 Best Running Shoes Under ₹1000 in India 2019

These are the top 10 best running shoes under ₹1000 in India 2019:

1) ASIAN Wonder-13

> Regular comfort wear
> Outer mesh material for superior comfort and ventilation
> Lace-Up enclosure ensures a firm fit
> Specially designed for Indian Men's feet
> Weight: 165 g (per single Shoe)
> Feel very light while running
> Good pair of running shoes at this price point

Asian Shoes are for regular comfort wear. The body of this shoe is in a neutral grey colour with light blue accents. The upper material keeps air circulation while moderated ankles take full care of your feet when you go out for running.
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Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in India 2019

If you are a cricketer or a fan of cricket then you should have heard about the "English willow" and "Kashmiri willow" bats.
What is a willow?
A) A tree or shrub of temperate climates which typically has narrow leaves, bears catkins, and grows near water. Its pliant branches yield osiers for basketry, and the timber is traditionally used to make cricket bats.

Kashmiri Willow Vs English Willow:

Country of origin
From Kashmir, India
From England
No. of grains
Less Expensive
Used by
Maintenance cost

Which bat you should buy?
A) It depends on the level of the player, if you are a professional player and plays in the academy then you should go for the English Willow bat. And if you are a beginner or a street player then you should go for the Kashmir Willow bat as they are less expensive.

These are the top 10 best cricket bats in India 2019:

1) SG Max Cover Kashmir Willow

> Most economical Kashmir Willow Bat
> Traditionally shaped and styled for maximum stability while playing shots
> Fabric covered for extra durability
> The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control
> The bat is covered in grain faced bat tape which gives it a smooth finish and a stylish look
> Comes with fabric covered for extra durability and full-length bat cover

From the Manufacturer:

About SG: T20. Power play. Pinch hitters. Cricket is changing and quick. Astride with this change, SG - India's largest and most trusted cricket gear manufacturer - has a new face-vibrant, youthful and energetic. And yet, with the promise of the same world-class quality in these changing times. At SG, believing is the first step…towards becoming!
Product Details: What is a Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat?
Kashmir willow is mainly grown in the Kashmir region of Pakistan and India (hence the name). As a result of its location and lesser properties, its main use is for junior or adults bats at the lower end of the price scale. Kashmir willow bat is a close cousin of English willow. This willow tends to be darker and drier and as a consequence is rarely durable. The grading system for Kashmir willow is not as rigorous as in English willow.
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Top 7 Best Football Shoes Under ₹4000 in India 2019

Football shoes are the most important accessory if you are hitting the field and nowadays it has become so difficult to find the best pair which is durable, comfortable, value for money.
So here I'm presenting you the list of best football shoes in the country right now.

These are the top 7 best football shoes under ₹4000 in India 2019:

1) ADIDAS X 18.3 FG

> Four-way-stretch sock upper offers support and lets you move with instinct
> Mesh upper is breathable, while a mid-cut design supports supreme stability
> Lightweight, durable, soft feel upper for improved touch and a locked-in fit
> Outsole designed to unleash speed and traction on firm ground (dry natural grass)
> Country of Origin: Indonesia

You can't catch what you can't see. Make your speed the opposition's worst enemy. Turn pace into action and creativity into chances. Lace-up X and show off your speed. These football boots have a supportive, four-way-stretch upper designed for an elite first touch. The outsole is geared for explosive speed on firm ground.
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Top 5 Best Gym Gloves Under ₹1000 in India 2019

Gym gloves are one of the main accessories that each fitness enthusiast should have whether you're simply a beginner or a fully fledged bodybuilder. There's a ton of discussion about whether Gym gloves are worth using.
Hitting the gym means lifting the weight and pushing your limit to achieve your goal whether it is to reduce your belly and body weight or bodybuilding, and you won't be able to achieve your goals if you suffer an injury during the exercise. So, Gym glove is just another accessory to help you with your exercise and reduce the chances of the injuries. It also helps in keeping your hands soft and smooth by reducing the chances of dry and callus-filled hands.

The criteria's on which I have assessed all these Gym gloves are:
1. Grip & Padding - It is the main feature of any Gym gloves and if the grip & padding is not good then the whole purpose of the Gym gloves is lost.

2. Quality of the product - Durability of the product is checked and whether the stitches and fabric used is long-lasting or not

3. Comfort & Fitting level - If the fitting of the gloves is perfect then the person will feel like he is not wearing anything and comfort should be there so that you can wear it for longer duration without any problem.

4. Value for money - Whether the product matches its price or not

These are the top 5 best gym gloves under ₹1000 in India 2019:

1) Nivia Python

> Super stretchable micro leather
> Added padding on the palms for better comfort during workouts
> Size chart available in the secondary image
> Made of Stretchable Micro Leather
> Remains Odor-free and clean even while sweating
> Ergonomic padding

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Top 6 Best 2.1 Speakers Under ₹5000 in India 2019

These are the top 5 best 2.1 speakers under ₹5000 in India 2019:

1) F&D F550X Bluetooth 

> Power Output (RMS): 56 W
> Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
> Simplistic Wireless streaming of music
> High definiton sound available
> Plug and Play USB card reader attached
> Multi functional panel keys enable you to change volume, play/pause button
> Massive 65W output power speaker
> 25 W subwoofer for maximum bass output and loud volume
> 1 year warranty

Sit back in your couch and enjoy absolute clarity in music with the F&D F550X Wireless Home Audio speaker that comes that comes with 2 satellite speakers and a sub-woofer. Featuring an attractive housing and fluorescent lights, this speaker delivers clear, crisp sounds and a powerful bass.

Performance : The F&D features two satellite speakers with 7.62 cm (3) full range drivers and a sub-woofer that has a 16.5 cm (6.5) bass driver for powerful bass. The satellite speakers have a frequency range of 130 Hz-20 kHz and an output power of 14 watts whereas the subwoofer has a frequency range of 30 Hz to 110 Hz with an output power of 28 watts.

FM Storage : Now you can even listen to your favourite radio stations via this speaker as it can store up to 100 stations and even switch between them with ease.

Control : This speaker features a wireless IR full function remote control so you can sit back on your couch and listen to your favourite track.

Connectivity : Move around the house and play your favorite tracks as this 2.1 channel, wireless speaker works for a Bluetooth range of up to 15 metres. This speaker comes with RCA to 3.5 mm connector for music players and RCA to RCA connector for TV. You can plug in your USB or SD card into this speaker to listen to music without any distortion.
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Top 5 Best 2.1 Speakers Under ₹2000 in India 2019

Few things in life are as important as good music. But as you've probably noticed, that music only sounds as good as the system it's playing through. Many PCs and Macs don't come with very good speakers. And that's to say nothing of the tiny built-in drivers found in most laptops. So here I have come with a list of best 2.1 speakers which don't much space and gives superior sound.

These are the top 5 best 2.1 speakers under ₹2000 in India 2019:

1) F&D A110

> Efficient design that saves energy by consuming less power, built in avr(automatic voltage regulator) for wide main operating voltage range
> Easy connectivity : speakers, mp3 player, pc, tv or cd or dvd player
> The volume and bass controls are placed on a side panel, it also comes with a green led power on indicator
> Delivers 3000w pmpo, its wooden cabinet reduces sound distortion and delivers thumping bass

Use Less Power : The special design of this speaker system makes it consume less energy, so you can save money on your electric bill. Even if there are frequent power fluctuations in your locality, this speaker system will be fine as it comes with a built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Total Control : Just plug this speaker system's jack into your smartphone, TV, laptop, MP3 player or CD/DVD player to enjoy a fine audio experience. The bass and volume controls can be found on one of the side panels of the subwoofer. A green LED light on this speaker system indicates whether it's powered on.

Designed for Pure Sound : This speaker system can deliver a total output of 3000-watt PMPO. The wooden cabinet of this speaker system ensures that sound distortions are drastically reduced and that the bass sounds are deep. The metal grill satellite speakers deliver crisp and clear sounds.

Pack and Play Anywhere : Weighing about three kilograms and compact in make, this speaker system can be easily carried with you when you're travelling.
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Top 7 Best 2.1 Speakers Under ₹3000 in India 2019

These are the top 5 best 2.1 speakers under ₹3000 in India 2019:

1) Philips Explode MMS4040F/94

Features two satellite speakers and one subwoofe
>  Supports USB, FM and remote control
> Compatible with digital music players, computers, and portable listening devices
> 4000 W PMPO and 2.1 channel configuration ensures an enriched audio output with rich bass 

Performance : The 4000 W PMPO and 2.1 channel configuration ensures an enriched audio output with rich bass, thus adding the extra pump to all your audio. Connect this Philips speaker to your laptop via the USB port and enjoy your movies and music better.

Design : The Philips IN MMS4040F/94 Laptop Speaker features two satellite speakers and one subwoofer. These come in a wooden cabinet which in turn provides the deep bass effect to the audio.

Versatility : This Philips laptop speaker supports USB, FM and remote control. It is compatible with digital music players, computers, and portable listening devices. You can control this audio device from anywhere with the remote control or tune into your favourite radio channels easily via the FM function.

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Top 5 Best Badminton Racket Under ₹2000 in India 2019

These are the top 5 best badminton racket under ₹2000 in India 2019:

1) Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus

> Features Elastic Ti Technology
> Oval Head Shape
> Graphite and Aluminium Frame
> Designed for Intermediate Level of Play
> Comes with full cover

Designed for Intermediate Level of Play : Perfect your shots and take your level of challenge a step higher with this Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Strung Badminton Racquet.

Features Elastic Ti Technology : Featuring Elastic Ti technology, this racquet offers more resilience and increased strength to boost your performance.

Graphite and Aluminium Frame : Excellently constructed from graphite and aluminium frame, this lightweight racquet offers enhanced durability.

Oval Head Shape : The oval head shape of the racquet enables you to make continuous strikes with better control and more power.
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2) Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus

> Full Carbon Graphite Racquet
> Long Shaft with Medium Flex
> Shockless System for Frame
> Built-in T-joint
> Aero-dynamic Shape
> Comes with full cover

Carbon Graphite Shaft & Frame : The Muscle Power 22 Plus G4 Strung Badminton Racquet from Yonex is made perfectly using carbon graphite shaft and frame to make it highly durable and strong.

Flexible Flex : The flexible flex ensures that you make powerful strokes with ease.

High Swing Speed : The racquet offers a high swing speed on each strike allowing you to make consistent shots with better control.

Pre-strung : The strings of the Muscle Power 22 Plus G4 racquet are pre-strung and enable you to play aggressive strokes with more power and speed.
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3) Yonex Nanoray L Plus 8

> Full Carbon Graphite Racquet
> Long Shaft with Medium Flex
> Shockless System for Frame
> Built-in T-joint
> Aero-dynamic Shape
> Comes with full cover

Designed for Intermediate Level : This racquet is designed for players who are familiar with the dynamics of badminton and are slowly progressing towards the advanced-level.

G4 Grip Size : A thicker grip like this allows you to hold the racquet firmly in your hand and also allows you to smash the shuttle with immense power.

Graphite Shaft : Graphite keeps the racquet lightweight so that you can swing it with ease.
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4) Yonex Nanoray Light 4I

> Aluminium Racquet
> Nanomesh Carbon Nanotube Shaft
> Shockless System for Frame
> Built-in T-joint
> Aero-dynamic Shape
> Stifff Flexiblity
> Comes with full cover

The Latest Head-Light Series From Yonex, Nanoray Provides A Fast And Controlled Swing With Enhanced Repulsion Via The New Aero Frame. Nanoray Is Designed For Players Who Force Their Opponents Into The Back Of The Court With Extreme Speed. The Thinner Top Of The Frame Sides Minimize Air Resistance For Greater Head Speed, While The Thicker Sides At The Bottom Of The Head Generate Maximum Repulsion Through Greater Frame Stiffness.
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5) Yonex Muscle Power 29 Light

> With Shock Less Grommet System
> Body is Made up of High Modulus Graphite with Titanium Mesh
> Shaft is of High Modulus Graphite
> Isometric Head Shape
> Provides Even Balance
> Comes with Full cover

Shock Less Grommet System : The design of the strings in the new grommet pattern reduces the stress from the strings when it comes in contact with the shuttlecock and it also ensures minimal shock effect thereby improving your performance.

Medium Stiff : Designed exceptionally to enhance your playing skills, the Muscle Power 29 Light G4 Strung Badminton Racquet comes with a medium stiff that enables you to play accurate shots with more control.

High Modulus Graphite : Shaft Make those quick swings with ease as the high modulus graphite shaft adds more stability to your shots.

Ti-mesh Frame : Yonex has made the racquet with a titanium mesh that offers high repulsion and reduces air resistance to enhance your game.

Isometric Head Shape : The isometric head shape widens the sweet spot area and makes even your off-centre shots impactful.
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