Top 5 Best Hair Straighteners in India 2020

1) Philips HP8314

> Extra Wide Plate
> Swivel Cor
> Ion Conditioning
> Ceramic Plate

From the Manufacturer:

> Extra Wide Plates : The extra wide of the straightener are ideal for girls with thick and long hair, as the wide plates can straighten more hair in one go, saving you precious time before a party or a business meeting.
> Ceramic Plates : The wide plates are made up of ceramic, which glides smoothly on your hair, avoiding friction and making your experience a pleasurable one.
> Optimal Temperature : The straightener gets as hot as 210 C in a matter of seconds, so as to give you salon-like results.
> 60 Second Heating Time : The straightener can reach its optimal temperature in 60 seconds. It can reach up to 100 C only after 30 seconds of being powered on.
> Ion Conditioning : This hair straightener comes with ion technology which will help you overcome bad-hair-days in no time. Ion conditioning basically converts unhealthy (positive) ions on your hair into healthy (negative) ones, thereby adding shine to them. This reduces frizz and gives a flattering appearance to your hair.
Safety & Maintenance:-
> Automatic Shut-off : This hair straightener is decked with automatic shut-off feature which automatically turns off the straightener if left on for 60 minutes.
> Swivel Cord : In order to prevent any accidental entanglements, this hair straightener comes with a swivel cord.
> Easy Lock : The hair straightener has a lock which easily locks the plates together so that it does not clutter your dressing space, therefore very easy to store.
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2) Philips HP8309

> 360° Swivel Cord
> 30 sec Heat-up
> Time Light Indicator
> Ceramic Plates
> PTC Heater

From the Manufacturer:

Design : The hair straightener has ceramic plates that glide very smoothly on your hair. It is also very sturdy and will stand the test of time and rough usage. The plates give your hair a gorgeous sheen.
Super Fast Heating Up:-
> Optimal Temperature : 210 Degree C The hair straightener can attain a temperature as high as 210 Degree C in a matter of seconds, which gives you perfectly flattened and straight hair.
> Fast Heating : The straightener can attain the optimal temperature in 60 seconds only. You will never have bad hair days as you need only 1 minute to get started on making your hair presentable before a party or a business meeting.
> Universal Voltage : The hair straightener is compatible with voltages across the world, saving you the trouble of carrying an adapter separately.
> Long Cord : The instrument is very convenient to use, thanks to its long cord which extends to 1.8 m.
> Swivel Cord : The instrument has a swivel cord which is self-rotating and prevents the cord from getting entangled or causing any accidents in the process of straightening.
> Easy Lock : The hair straightener comes with a lock which keeps it from cluttering space on your dresser, thereby easy to store.
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3) Philips KeraShine HP8316

> Ion Conditioning
> Keratin Infused Ceramic Plates
> Easy Lock
> Universal Voltage
> Extra Wide Plates
> Prevents Hair Damage
> Swivel Cord

From the Manufacturer:

> Keratin Infused Ceramic Plates : The Philips straightener comes with keratin infused ceramic plates which leave you with shiny, lustrous hair. The ceramic coating helps in ultra-smooth gliding while straightening your hair. The extra wide plates make your work easier and faster, especially for those with thick or long hair.
Ionic Technology : It comes with Ionic Technology which helps in taming frizzy hair using ionic conditioning.
> High Heat of 210C : The high heat of 210 degree celsius allows you to style your hair the way you want to, and makes you look like you have just walked out of a salon.
> Heating time of 60 seconds : The time taken to heat up the straightener is just 60 seconds after which it is ready for use. You need not worry if you forget to switch off the hair straightener after use as it has an automatic shut-off feature where the device will automatically switch off after 60 minutes.
Special Features:-
> Cord Type Swivel : The straightener comes with a swivel cord which rotates to prevent tangled wires.
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4) Remington S2002

> Light Indicator
> Ceramic Plates
> 60 sec Heat-up Time
> 360°

From the Manufacturer:

Ceramic Plates : The ceramic plates of this hair straightener make your hair smooth and shiny. In addition, they help the straightener glide through your hair with ease.
Temperature Regulator : Equipped with a temperature regulator, this hair straightener allows you to pick the temperature which best suits your hair type.
Slim Plates : As this hair straightener has slim plates, you can straighten and style your hair in sections and make it look flawless.
60 second Heat-up Time : With a 60 second heat-up time, this hair straightener makes sure you don’t waste too much time on waiting for the appliance to get ready for use.
Light indicator : You can see the temperature you are putting your hair through with the help of the light indicator on the body of this hair straightener.
360 degree swivel cord : Ensuring that the wire doesn’t get tangled before and after use is the 360 degree swivel cord of this hair straightener
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5) Philips Kerashine HP8317

> Ionic Technology
> Fast Heat Up Time
> Keratin Coating
> Kerashine Therapy
> Automatic Shut Off after 60 min
> Jojoba Oil Infused Ceramic Plates
> Swivel Cord

From the Manufacturer:

Jojoba Oil Infused : Infused with heat-resistant natural Jojoba oil, the ceramic plates of this straightened is designed to provide easy glide through your hair providing a perfect shine to your hair.
High Temperature : Achieving a high temperature of up to 210 degrees Celcius, the Philips straightener helps you change the shape of your hair effortlessly allowing you to create the perfect look.
Keratin Infused Plates : The ceramic plates are infused with Keratin to provide an enhanced straightening experience. The technology provides smooth straightening and better shine.
Ion Conditioning : Experience frizz-free and shiny hair with the Ion conditioning system that has been integrated into this hair straightener.
Extra Wide Plates : Designed with extra wide plates, the Philips straightener is easy to use on thick and long hair. The broader plate is capable of accommodating more hair at one go reducing the time required to style your hair.
Quick Heating : The straightener is comes with a quick heating feature that takes less than 60 seconds to heat up making hair styling faster.
Long Cord : In case you do not have a power socket next to your mirror you needn't woory, because this device comes with a cord length of 1.8 meters.
Auto Shut-off : Safety being of primary importance, this hair straightener comes with the automatic shut-off feature which turns the device off after 60 minutes.
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