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Top 5 Best 5.1 Speakers Under ₹3000 in India 2017

1) Philips SPA3000U/94

> 3000 W PMPO Power
> Home Audio Speaker
> USB Playback
> Bass Reflex Design

From the Manufacturer:

Audio Output : Feel the music coursing through you at house parties by playing trending dance tracks through this speaker system which can produce a PMPO of 3000 watts.

USB Playback : If you want a change of music during the party, take your friend's USB drive and play the tracks that are stored on it through this speaker system.

Bass Reflex Design : The lower frequency sounds (bass sounds) that this speaker system produces will be more punchy thanks to its bass reflex design.

Compatibility : You can connect this speaker system to your TV, smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Set-up : This speaker system comes with 5 satellite speakers: 2 are front speakers (left and right), 2 are rear speakers (left and right) and 1 is centred. There's also a subwoofer for lower frequency sounds.
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Top 5 Best 5.1 Speakers Under ₹7000 in India 2017

1) F&D F3000U

> 5.1 Channel Configuration
> Wood Chassis
> 1 Subwoofer
> 4 Satellites with 1 Center Satellite
> Plug and Play

From the Manufacturer:

Design : Built to look good, these speakers come with a black matte look and sport heavy duty metal grill to add a rugged finish. They also have red ring decoration. It's not all about the looks - the speakers have user-friendly controls on the front panel and comes with a full function remote control in fluorescent as well.

Audio : The range has one front speaker, a center speaker, a surround speaker and a subwoofer. The speakers come with a full range driver of 3 inches for satellites and a 5.25 inch bass driver for the subwoofer.

Connectivity : The speakers allow you to plug in your USB, SD or MMC card and play directly from it. The USB reader supports both MP3 and WMA dual format decoding as well.

Power : Fenda, through these speakers, gives you a Peak Music Power Output of 5000W to allow for every beat and every syllable to be heard with perfect clarity. The sub-woofer effect is up to 29W and it operates with 220-240V at 50/60Hz.

Special Features : These 5.1 F&D speakers use a switch type transformer to help save user energy, allowing you to listen to music with good quality without worrying about using too much power.
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Top 5 Best 2.1 Speakers Under ₹2000 in India 2017

Few things in life are as important as good music. But as you've probably noticed, that music only sounds as good as the system it's playing through. Many PCs and Macs don't come with very good speakers. And that's to say nothing of the tiny built-in drivers found in most laptops. So here I have come with a list of best 2.1 speakers which don't much space and gives superior sound.

1) F&D F203G

> Two satellite speakers with one subwoofer
> Total Power Output: 11W
> Frequency Response: 100Hz - 20kHz (Satellite)
> Impedance: 4ohms
> Compatibility: PC, VCD, CD, music players, mobile phones, laptops
> Additional Features: Magnetically shielded speakers, wooden cabinet, blue LED indicator light

From the Manufacturer:

Elegant Finish and Convenient Speaker Positioning : Enjoy your music collection to the fullest with the F&D F203G 2.1 multimedia speakers. Designed with a sleek black look, these F&D speakers are a nice combination of elegance meeting high clarity sound. It features two powerful satellite speakers that are placed on a stand and angled upwards for better sound output. The QQ shaped satellite speakers are visually appealing with their shiny finish. A bright blue LED indicator informs you when these multimedia speakers are turned on. For enhanced bass sounds, the subwoofer is encased within a wooden chassis.

Powerful and Sharp Sound Output : Pump up your party with the powerful sound output that echoes from these 2.1 multimedia speakers. Its high quality sound echoes through the entire room, breathing life into your party. As it is lightweight, you can place the subwoofer in any corner of the room and hear sounds pulsating from all around. The F&D 2.1 speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent distortions, frequency glitches and friction against other magnetic devices. With this protection, these multimedia speakers won't interrupt or cause any negative effect on devices surrounding them.

Wide Connectivity Through a RCA Cable : The F&D speakers F-203G are compatible with multiple digital devices. Through its RCA cable, you can connect your DVD, CD and VCD players to enjoy your movie collection. Additionally, you can also connect PCs, laptops and music players through this cable to enjoy your favourite music. For optimum performance and high quality sound, these 2.1 speakers have a total power output of 11W and consume 1500W of power. The additional bass control option allows you to increase or decrease bass levels to suit music and movie sounds.

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Top 5 Best Mixer Grinder Under ₹2000 in India 2017

This blog post helps you buying the best mixer grinder under 2000 in India 2016.

1) Bajaj Rex 500 W

> Chutney Grinding Feature
> Stainless Steel Liquidizing Jar
> Stainless Steel Grinding Jar
> 500 W Power Consumption
> 3 Speed Option Incher
> Mixer Grinder
> Motor Overload Protection

From the Manufacturer:

Design : The appliance sports an elegant body design that not just looks stylish but is also reliable. The mixer has sturdy stainless steel jars for better durability. The multifunctional stainless steel blade system gives you a versatile option to grind and blend ingredients of varying textures. The jars are designed with easy grip handles to ensure easy handling.

Capacity & Operations: The stainless steel jars for liquidizing, wet and dry grinding and chutney making are provided for varied use. The appliance comes with a 3-speed setting that makes blending and grinding easy allowing you gradually increase the speed without overloading the system. The mixer also bears an incher for momentary operation.

Power & Safety : The Bajaj grinder consumes around 500 watts of power for efficient functioning. The appliance comes with vacuum feet for ease of operation, preventing it from sliding.
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Top 5 Best Table Tennis Racket Under ₹2500 in India 2017

I am a Table Tennis player of State level. So when I was trying to find best table tennis bat / racket for me to practice, it was very difficult for me to find which brand is best, which type of TT bat I wanted like: Attack, Defensive, Offensive, All-rounder, etc.

After a lot of research, I found the best table tennis rackets in India. So, here I am presenting in front of you the list of best TT bats under 2500 to buy in India.

1) Stag Ninja Fire
> Durable
> European Rubber
> Good Grip
> Excellent Speed and Spin
> Wooden Handle

A quick game of table tennis can rejuvenate your mind and body like nothing else can on a lazy Sunday evening and keep you pepped up for the dreary Monday morning ahead.

European Rubber : The Ninja Fire Table Tennis Racquet from Stag is made perfectly from European rubber to offer a comfortable cushion effect upon ball impact.

Wooden Handle : The handle is made from wood to make the racquet sturdy and to add stability to your shots.

Good Grip : Offering an excellent and strong grip, you can play those quick swings with better control.

Excellent Speed and Spin : Deliver power shots with great speed and spin with the help of this Ninja Fire racquet.

Durable : The racquet can withstand the wear and tear of daily use as it offers lasting durability.
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